Final thoughts

Some quick thoughts before today’s game.

– Brandon LaFell was named the #2 receiver for today. It’s a big chance for him to show what he can do. I’m not sure how many times he’ll be targeted but he better make those catches if he wants to keep this job. Regardless, I’m expecting tight ends Dante Rosario and Gary Barnidge to be thrown to more.

– If we can get the running game going then this win might come easier than most are thinking. As good as Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams are, we have two newcomers on the offensive line, which could be trouble. Still, they had some playing time last year and played well during then. Getting good blocking and establishing a running game will take A LOT of pressure off Matt Moore to make plays.

– It’s time to see what this defense can do in the regular season. They had 18 sacks in 4 games but some of the competition was against 2nd team offensive lines. This defensive line is young and freakishly athletic while the Giants O-line is suspect a little bit. They will need to put a lot of pressure on Eli Manning and possibly force him to force turnovers. Our two starting corners are capable of stopping Manningham/Smith but the Giants use a lot of 3-4 WR sets, so Captain Munnerlyn and Robert McClain will be tested during then. Getting to Eli takes a lot of weight off their shoulders.

– I’m curious to see how we handle Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. Bradshaw was recently named the starter and he’s a faster, more explosive back. We don’t exactly have great defensive tackles, so it’s going to be a test for the two of them. I’m confident in our linebackers shutting him down, though.

– I’m confident that Carolina can win this game IF we a) rush the passer, b) establish a strong running game and c) Matt Moore makes the plays when he needs to.

Enjoy the game. Go Panthers!


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