Giants 31, Panthers 18

One word can describe today’s game; brutal.

That goes for both teams but mostly the Panthers. You can blame a lot of people for this loss… but Carolina, as a whole, looked flat out awful in the second half and it was over once the Giants made it 24-16. I’ll have some more detailed analysis later but here’s my general thoughts.

– Matt Moore was terrible (14/33 183 yds 1 TD, 3 INT). I don’t care how bad the playcalling, the receivers and the o-line were, some of the passes he made today were inexcusable. You can NOT constantly throw the ball into triple coverage in your opponents end zone. That’s what Delhomme did that got him into trouble. What makes things worse is that Moore lobbed those passes in and they were easy interceptions for the Giants. Terrible. Moore needs to make quicker decisions with the ball and stop standing around in the pocked forever.

– The offensive line was getting dominated in the second half by the Giants. Neither Stewart or Williams had a lot of room to work with and we couldn’t get the running game going. They also gave up 4 sacks and Moore was getting beaten up the whole game. I would have taken him out for his own safety instead of the 4 turnovers.

– I hate to go on the whole “OMG WE LOST ONE GAME FIRE HIM NOW” rant but Jeff Davidson’s playcalling was some of the worst I have ever seen today. He always calls passing plays when we’re behind and that’s exactly what we did today. Nevermind the fact that we have two top-tier running backs in the league on our team. Giants were shutting down D-Will for the most part but Stewart only got 5 carries. FIVE. That can’t happen. What really made me mad was his decision to throw 3 straight passing plays inside the 10 yard-line leading to another interception. Awful.

– The defense forced four turnovers today and Charles Godfrey had two interceptions. Both were off tipped passes but those are the plays you have to make. They also blocked a punt which resulted in a safety but that was bound to happen with the way Dobbs was line-driving his kicks.

– Dan Connor had 10 tackles and one sack…definitely the standout in the defensive unit for the Panthers.

– The red zone defense HAS to be better. Actually the pass defense in general does. The three picks were due to tipped balls and miscues by the Giants. Eli was torching us in the second half and Hackeem Nicks caught 3 TDs. That’s what happens when Captain Munnerlyn is covering you.

– The run defense was great in the first half but the Giants made adjustments and wore us out eventually. Pretty much everything went wrong in the second half and it was brutal to watch.

– The Giants weren’t that impressive, either. Eli was on fire in the red zone but we gave them the ball four times and took a possible 21 points off the board with Moore’s careless interceptions. By the 4th quarter, we were too rattled to make a comeback no matter how many chances the Giants gave us. Seriously, I was glad they took a knee at the two minute warning because I didn’t want to watch the game any longer.

– John Kasay has still got it.

So, I’ll have some further evaluations on this game (and the rest of league) later on. Right now, I am going to sit back and watch the late games and do my English homework. I’d like to forget that this didn’t happen and we have a better showing against Tampa Bay next week.


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