Bucs 20, Panthers 7

Some quick game notes from this.

– The playcalling was horrendous again, on both sides of the ball and the execution was even worse. I wanted to puke when I saw us miss two sacks that led to a huge TD for the Bucs.

– It was the Josh Freeman show the entire time. The defense let him scramble all over the place, stretch out plays and pick our secondary apart. Is he the real deal or is our defense just that bad? I could only see so much of the game so I don’t know yet but I’m going to do with the latter.

– The running game looked good early on but much like last week, it got shut down later. Even got stuffed on 4th and goal at the one. Not good.

– Matt Moore probably played his last game…as much as I hate to rush Clausen into action, he looked infinitely better than Moore did out there. There was the pick but Clausen can actually read a defense and find his receivers better. That and he looked twice as confident as Moore did.

– I hate to panic this early but I think it’s good that I’ve already written this season off. Richardson was an absolute cheapskate going into this year and did jack shit to improve the team. I hope he enjoys the empty stadium and awful team because it’s all his fault. Major changes need to be made this off-season. I know it’s stupid to panic this early but the Bucs are a team we should beat. Today’s performance was absolutely pitiful.


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