NFL Week 2 Picks

Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers

This is an easy one.  The Bills are the worst team in the NFL so the Packers will win it even without Ryan Grant.

Pick: Packers

Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings season didn’t exactly start off well but that was one of the toughest games on their schedule.  They still held the Saints offense to only 14 points and it will be difficult for the Dolphins to get a lot of momentum on the ground against the Vikes front 7. However, both teams have pretty vulnerable secondaries, so it could turn into a shootout if Henne and Favre find their rhythm. I’ll still take the Vikings since I don’t see them starting 0-2.

Pick: Vikings

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cleveland Browns

Chiefs got away with one last week. You can’t expect to win every week while only having 67 passing yards. Which is why I’m expecting the running games for both teams to get a lot of action. I think the Chiefs have a stronger run defense since Glenn Dorsey and Tyrell Jackson actually looked pretty good against San Diego. The Browns don’t necessarily have an awful defense but I think KC has the edge there. That and the Browns are starting Seneca Wallace. As bad as Cassel has looked for the Chiefs, I would still take him over Wallace. It should be a fun game to watch, though. Wouldn’t be surprised if all of both teams points come from special teams.

Pick: Chiefs

Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys

Only way I see Dallas losing this game is if they beat themselves again. The Bears weren’t that impressive against the Lions and I think the Cowboys should be able to shake off the rust they had on week 1 and win this game.

Pick: Cowboys

Arizona Cardinals vs Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan does not lose in the Georgia Dome. Michael Turner is going to have a big day on the ground against this depleted Cardinals defense. Plus, Derek Anderson is lucky that he didn’t throw 3-4 picks against the Rams last week. A lot of his passes looked incredibly off. Atlanta is smart enough to capitalize on those.

Pick: Falcons

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers

All Carolina needs to do to win this game is get some success on the ground. If they do that, then they can run away with this game and not have Matt Moore play a factor at all. Getting some pressure on Josh Freeman would be nice, too. They’re lucky Tampa’s receiving corps isn’t as deep as New York’s.

Pick: Panthers

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions

Not sure if the Lions will have an answer for Mike Vick even if they have more time to gameplan for him. I don’t trust Shaun Hill at all either.

Pick: Eagles

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Look for Carson Palmer to actually test the Ravens secondary unlike Sanchez did. However, I think Flacco will have a better game against the Bengals than he did against the Jets, so I’ll have to go with the Ravens. Plus, their run defense isn’t going to allow Cedric Benson to do anything.

Pick: Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans

Can the Steelers stop Chris Johnson? That’s what’s going to make them win this game. The Steelers have shut down some of the league’s top rushers the last couple of years, so this will be a huge test. The game might rest on the shoulders of Vince Young, who played well enough in limited action. There’s also the concern of whether or not the Steelers will be able to put points on the board because their offense is still in question. I say the Titans take it in a low-scoring game.

Pick: Titans

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos

Seahawks definitely were a surprise last week and I still don’t think the Broncos are good at all. I do like their running game, though but Seattle held Frank Gore to 31 yards.  I’ll play it safe and take Seattle for now.

Pick: Seahawks

St Louis Rams vs. Oakland Raiders

Raiders have a terrible run defense and the best coverage corner in the league. Rams have a rookie QB and Steven Jackson. I’m going to say the Rams win this game using their running game to their advantage.

Pick: Rams

Houston Texans vs. Washington Redskins

The Redskins defense played pretty well last week, and against a good offense. This time, they’ll have to go up against an arguably better offense in the Houston Texans. Washington’s offense looked pretty bad, though and they will need more than 6 offensive points to beaten the Texans. I’m also not sold on the Skins secondary at all. Look for Matt Schaub to burn them a few times.

Pick: Texans

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

Schottenheimer’s mismanagement of that game is what lost it for the Jets against Baltimore. They need to call more deep passing routes if they want to have any chance of beating New England.  However, the Pats have weak corners just like Baltimore, take the training wheels off Sanchez and let him actually throw the ball. It’s going to be a little tougher for the Pats offense to move the ball against this defense, though so the Jets might have more of a chance than some think .

Pick: Patriots

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Diego Chargers

Looks like the Chargers will need Marcus McNeil and Vincent Jackson after all. I still think they can beat the Jags this week because the Jaguars have no pass rush. Rivers will have a lot more time to throw and lead the Chargers to a win here. I’m also expecting Ryan Matthews to make a bigger impact in this game.

Pick: Chargers

New York Giants vs. Indianapolis Colts

All the focus is going to be on if the Colts can stop Hakeem Nicks, but he wont be as much of a factor as Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs. The Colts run defense played horrendous last week and it needs to get better if they want to win this game. Peyton Manning still played a great game despite losing and throwing nearly 60 passes. Giants still made too many mistakes in their win against the Panthers and they can’t do that against the Colts. Peyton can catch holes in the defense a lot easier than Matt Moore and that will lead to the Colts winning.

Pick: Colts

New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers

Giving up 31 points to the Seahawks isn’t exactly what you would expect from “the most underrated defense in the NFL.” Now they have to take on the Saints which isn’t going to be any easier. Alex Smith can’t turn the ball over if the 49ers want to have any chance. The only reason the Seahawks kept scoring was because Smith gave them good field position. Frank Gore also needs to play a lot better than he did last week too. There’s just too many questions with the Niners for me to pick them.

Pick: Saints


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