0-2 teams; Panic or Patience?

Starting off the season 0-2 can be a troublesome thing to a lot of teams. There are some fans who think their team will turn it around eventually and others who believe the sky is falling. There’s a few teams who I think put themselves into a whole early at 0-2 but most of them have a good chance at turning it around or have nothing to worry about. Which ones should panic and which ones should stay patient?

Buffalo Bills: Neither

I know it sounds silly but the Bills were an awful team coming into this year and I don’t think anyone had them competing. They are just playing for a high draft pick right now.  I guess “patience” is the right word for them but it’s going to be frustrating for Bills fans to sit through another awful season. They play in a tough division too so that doesn’t help.

Cleveland Browns: Panic..sort of.

Their in the same boat as the Bills, really. They aren’t going to do much and their front office is planning for next year already. Browns fans better hope they have a good draft or else it could be time to panic really soon.

Dallas Cowboys: Panic

I do believe that the Cowboys will turn it around but losing the first two games on your schedule against beatable teams isn’t a good start at all. To top it off their offense hasn’t gotten the wheels clicking at all. Romo and Austin seem to be the only ones that are producing. The o-line has been bad and their kicker is garbage. If they want to go the Super Bowl like they’re expecting, then they need to fix things and fast.

Minnesota Vikings: Panic

Not a good start for this team and the injuries at wide receiver make it even worse. To top it off, Favre hasn’t been good at all. They should be even more worried since the Packers look like the team to beat in the NFC and the Bears are 2-0 as well. Favre did get off to a slow start last year too but the Vikings were 2-0 during that stretch.

Detroit Lions: Patience

The Lions haven’t been bad in their two losses and I think they can win at least 5 games this year. That and the organization has already gone 0-16, how worse can things get? 5 or 6 wins would be a good season for them at this point.

Carolina Panthers: Panic

It looks like Jeff Otah’s going to be out for longer than most expected so that’s big trouble for their running game. Their defense can’t rush the passer and their secondary has been terrible. They yanked their starting QB after 2 games. If he can provide a spark to this anemic offense then maybe there isn’t any need to panic. Still, it’s going to be another mediocre year for them. How long are they going to be content with this?

St Louis Rams: Patience

You really can’t do anything else but be patient when you have a rookie QB, mostly inexperienced line and are coming off a 1-15 season.

San Francisco 49ers: Patience

They play in the NFC West and did a pretty good job at slowing down the Saints offense. I think they’ll be in the playoffs if Alex Smith can get it together. He showed a lot of signs of improvement on that game tying TD drive.


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