Jimmy Clausen named Panthers starting QB

Yes, I am a little late in covering this but I wanted to get my feelings on the whole situation. I like this move because in the times that I’ve seen Clausen play, he’s looked a lot better than Matt Moore. In the two games this year, Moore has looked like a QB with absolutely no confidence. He constantly tries to go for a big play, running with the ball instead of throwing it away. Clausen played a decent 4th quarter against the Bucs and the pick wasn’t completely his fault. From what I’ve seen out of Clausen, he gets rid of the ball a lot quicker, looks for other receiver options, reads the defense before the play and has a good amount of composure. I think he should fit in well.
Here’s the thing, as much as I hate to admit it, Jerry Richardson declared this a “rebuilding season” before the Panthers even took the field. His only concern is saving money and not winning. He’s put both John Fox and Marty Hurney in bad positions by almost assuring them they wont be back last year. It’s frustrating, but the situation could be a lot worse. The team we have right now isn’t terrible. Clausen gives us a better chance to win than Moore and we still have two top-tier running backs, who are off to slow starts.

If it’s going to be a “rebuilding year” then we might as well evaluate the young talent we have on the team. Let Clausen start, give Greg Hardy and Eric Norwood more playing time, maybe even test out Armanti Edwards in the slot. If we’re not going to win then we should see what we have to work with in these young players and if they’ll fit in the team’s future or not.

Panther fans are going to have to be patient through this process. Clausen isn’t going to make us go 14-2 or lead us to the playoffs. He’s still playing behind an o-line that’s missing a key player and he doesn’t have a lot of great targets to throw to.There’s a chance that he can turn LaFell, Edwards and Gettis into good receivers, though. Just look at what Eli Manning did with the Giants receiving corps.

I’m not comparing Clausen to Manning but my point is, more times than not, how good a receiver is depends on the QB. My hope is that Clausen can give this offense a spark and make it look better than it has been these first two weeks. That doesn’t sound like too much to ask for, right?


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