Caps lose to Thrashers 4-2; not the start I had in mind.

I’m trying to not let sports ruin my day this year but my week has been less than stellar and watching tonight’s game didn’t exactly help that cause. It’s kind of tough to make judgments on the first game but I didn’t exactly like what I saw from tonight’s game and It’s making me worried about the team a little bit. I didn’t expect us to roll over the Thrashers but I figured we could at least win the opener against them. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.


– My best wishes go out to Ondrej Pavelec. Last I heard he was at the hospital in stable condition and he’s going to be kept there overnight. Watching him just collapse to start off the game was scary.

– I like this new Thrashers team. Ramsay has them playing much more sound defensively. Oduya/Bogosian were dominating our top line for the first couple of periods. Sopel was a force with blocking shots on the PK and Evander Kane had a great game.

– Thrashers did basically the same thing the Habs did to stop our powerplay; block shots like crazy. 0% on the PP tonight.

– Neuvirth played amazing and was the only reason we had a chance to win.

– Defense wasn’t great, as expected. Poti has gone back to playing like garbage again. Going to be regretting that contract if he keeps this up. I have a feeling that he will be my whipping boy on the team again very soon. Alzner also had a blunder with the puck that led to Fredrik Modin’s goal which isn’t something that makes me feel good either.

– PK looked kind of shaky but they got the job done killing off all four Thrashers powerplays.

– Too many stupid turnovers and penalties in tonight’s game and it cost us 2 goals.

– Our second line actually looked pretty good aside from Fleischmann’s awful turnover in the first period. Laich’s goal was a beauty.

– I’m not on the “Fire Boudreau” bandwagon because I think it’s too early for that but the team I saw out there looked alarmingly similar to the one that choked to the Habs last post-season. He really needs to change things up if we want to have some success this year because other teams have figured out how to stop us and make it look easy. Teams with bigger defenses are going to roll all over us we don’t adjust.

Three Stars

1. Evander Kane: 2 goals tonight and was the Thrashers best player offensively. One of the goals was gift wrapped by Fleischmann but good players take advantage of mistakes like that. The other was a nifty one on a penalty shot, which came on a questionable call but I’m not going to get into that. He was all over the place for Atlanta.

2. Johnny Oduya: Him and Bogosian played great in the first two periods and did a great job at stopping the Capitals top line. There was one misplay that led to a Knuble goal but aside from that, he was very solid. Also had the main feed on the Ladd goal.

3. Michal Neuvirth: 27/31 on the night but he was the only reason the Caps had a chance in this game. He made a few spectacular glove saves (few were results of misplays by Poti) and bailed the defense out of a couple other holes. I feel confident with him in goal.

As I said, this isn’t the start I wanted us to get off to and the team seems to have picked up where they left off from the Montreal series. Unfortunately, they still look like the team that lost that series so there’s definitely some adjustments to be made. Not panicking…yet.


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