Another week, another loss; Panthers lose in embarassing fashion. Again.

Not a lot to say about this game except that I hated watching it and it might be the last time Jeff Davidson is the OC in Carolina. This classic clip sums up my feelings about the offense perfectly.  It was a shameful, disgraceful and overall pathetic performance by them all around. Don’t believe me? Just look at the stat lines. Only 147 yards total offense, 62 passing yards, 8 first downs, 3/16 on third downs and we only scored 6 points despite the defense forcing 4 turnovers. Definitely the worst game I’ve seen from them this year and that’s saying a lot.

Things started off bad with Matt Forte running all over our defense and putting up 110 yards in the first quarter. Down 17-3, the defense dug down and put together a great performance to keep the Bears off the board. They picked off Todd Collins 4 times, one of which coming on the goal line and didn’t allow the Bears to do anything in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. They gave us a chance to still be in this game but that soon went away since the offense played like absolute GARBAGE.

The Bears front four was killing our offensive line and Isreal Idonije had 3 sacks along with a forced fumble. That’s where Julius Peppers made his impact. He was drawing a lot of double teams and Idonijie absolutely sliced our O-line. Clausen was getting swarmed after 2 seconds and was sacked 5 times as a result. Speaking of Clausen, he looked terrible. 9/22 61 yds, INT. We had to yank him in favor of Matt Moore in the 4th and he was no better. Hopefully that shuts up the “QB Controversy” everyone’s talking about. Clausen needs to throw the ball higher and throw quicker passes to his receivers if he wants to succeed in the NFL, though. All of his low passes either go right into the ground or are knocked down by the offensive line. Not that he had a  lot to work with in the receiving corps. Yep, it’s still a mess and I didn’t see any positive signs from all four receivers.

Like I said earlier, I will be shocked if Jeff Davidson isn’t fired by Wednesday. We haven’t scored 20 points all year and this game was a new low. Our defense constantly made plays and created turnovers while the offense responded by going 3&Out on every drive. Davidson’s predicable playcalling has gotten ridiculous. We ran it down the Bears throats on the first drive and then he completely abandons it after they stop us on the next drive. He keeps hitting the panic button too early and abandoning the running game way too fast. It’s frustrating as hell and I think he REALLY needs to go now. Performances like this are getting old fast.

As for the defense, I’m not that confident in our DT’s that much anymore after the showing they had today at stopping Forte through the middle. I didn’t think Everette Brown would get an INT this year before a sack but he did today. It was a nice play by him even if it was against Todd Collins. I want to say the pass defense played great but it was against a back-up QB. Still have to give them tons of credit for not letting the game get too out of hand. Shame that our offense didn’t show up. Getting redundant now, kind of like watching this team.

Another tough game to watch and the Panthers start off the year at 0-5 and have solidified their position as the worst team in the NFL after this game. Going into this season, I knew we weren’t going to compete but I was expecting A LOT more than this. Am I a disgruntled fan? You bet. Am I out of line? Maybe…but I feel like asking for the offense to look a little less anemic isn’t too much to ask for. Jeff Davidson and John Fox clearly aren’t going to stay in Carolina and it’s time for one of them go. Fox has just as much responsibility for the playcalling as Davidson from what I understand so both of them are the problem. Obviously, there’s a big lack of execution and leadership but at some point, Jerry Richardson has to make a move to address this horrible offense.

I’m not sure what exactly we’ll do after this year but watching a team during a “rebuilding year’ struggle this much is incredibly frustrating.


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