Week 5 NFL Picks

Picks in the first few weeks of the season are always difficult because there’s always a lot of teams underperforming or overachieving so their records are deceiving. That’s been the case with this year’s NFL season and this week, there’s a lot of tough picks. I see a lot of potential upsets…..
Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills

The Jaguars don’t need to play “perfect” to win like they did last week but they can’t sleep on the Bills. Jacksonville has looked worse than the Bills at times this year and this is a big opportunity for Buffalo to get their first win. I’m going to say they do it because I’m risky like that.

Pick: Bills

Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens

Potential upset here and I think Kyle Orton is going to have another huge game against this Ravens secondary but that wasn’t enough for them to beat the Colts. The Ravens have given up a lot of yards in a few games this year but they still do a great job at keeping other teams out of the end zone. Which is what they’ll do against the Broncos.

Pick: Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs vs Indianapolis Colts

This is a good game to find out if the Chiefs are for real or not. If they lose that doesn’t mean they’re pretenders but if they get blown out that’s another story. Chiefs pass defense has been vulnerable this season and the Colts have the best passing attack in the league so that doesn’t work in their favor. However, the Colts run defense is awful and the Chiefs have two very capable running backs. I still think the Colts win just because they’re the Colts.

Pick: Colts

Green Bay Packers vs Washington Redskins

I don’t think the Redskins offense will have enough to keep up with Green Bay. Washington might pull it off because of all the injuries the Pack have on D but their receiving corps is shaky and they struggled against a weak Eagles defense last week. It’s going to be a  shootout but the Packers will win it, I think.

Pick: Packers

St Louis Rams vs. Detroit Lions

Odd that the Lions are favored in this game considering the Rams have two pretty impressive wins and haven’t looked bad this year. The Lions have ran into a lot of bad luck and injuries to end up at 0-4 and this is probably their best chance to win yet. This will be the week they pull it off.

Pick: Lions

Chicago Bears vs Carolina Panthers

No Jay Cutler could mean the Panthers have their best chance to get their first win of the year but their plagued by injuries too. An already poor offense is going to be without their star receiver so it’s going to be up to a lot of rookies for Carolina to establish a passing game. To add to that, Julius Peppers will be have extra motivation to stick it to his former team. Carolina’s offense has been awful the entire year and the Bears defense is good enough to win on defense alone. However, the Panthers D has been playing very well too and it might be tough for the Bears to put points on the board, especially with Todd Collins at the helm. I say Carolina wins in a VERY low scoring game.

Pick: Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Both teams haven’t been good and yet they are at or above .500 on the year. Carson Palmer has found his game though and losing Tanard Jackson did a number on Tampa’s secondary so that might be enough to give the Bengals the edge here. I’d also like to see how Josh Freeman does against this tough Bengals D. Scrambling will be his best friend.

Pick: Bengals

Atlanta Falcons vs. Cleveland Browns

Falcons got away with one against the Niners last week but this is a good chance for them to wipe that out of their memories. The Browns are playing better football but I think Matt Ryan and the Atlanta offense will be too much to handle for them.

Pick: Falcons

New York Giants vs Houston Texans

Good luck getting 10 sacks against Matt Schaub. Unlike Cutler he actually looks to shorter routes and might be difficult for the Giants to cover. Eli Manning might have a big day against the Texans secondary, though since they keep showing that they have no pass defense. I still think the Texans take this one.

Pick: Texans

New Orelans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals days of glory are over. They have absolutely no chance in this game unless Max Hall is better than I think he is or Beanie Wells has a 150+ yard game. That might not even be enough.

Pick: Saints

Tennessee Titans vs Dallas Cowboys

I’m not sold on the Titans yet even if they’ve been somewhat impressive and Vince Young improved last week. I still think the Cowboys are better than they’ve been the first few weeks and this will be a good game for them to bounce back on.

Pick: Cowboys

San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders

Chargers haven’t played their best on the road against lesser opponents and this is another potential trap game for them. I’ll just play it safe and take the Chargers.

Pick: Chargers

Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers

Mike Singletary better be licking his chops this week because that Eagles O-line + Kevin Kolb = a potentially great game for his defense. The 49ers have only played to their full potential one game this year and they have an opportunity to do it again on a national scale. I think they can pull it off and Michael Crabtree will finally have a big game.

Pick: 49ers

Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Jets

This goes down as a “must win” for the Vikes and Favre has a new weapon in Randy Moss….who will be covered by the returning Derrell Revis. The Jets winning will depend on if they can stop Adrian Peterson and how well Mark Sanchez does against the Vikings secondary. If he torches them, the Jets win easy. If not, then the Vikings have a shot. They are in desperation mode so I’m going to say the Vikings win.

Pick: Vikings

Now let’s see how wrong I am!


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