Baltimore Orioles off-season plan

Chapter 1 Season in Review:

To say that the Orioles 2010 season was a disappointment would be an understatement. Granted, I didn’t expect them to compete much but 2010 was an absolute disaster for this team, or at least 3/4 of it were. The 2-16 start they got off to put them in a huge hole and they finished with a record of 66-96. Making them the 3rd worst team in the majors. It should be noted that they did win more games in the last two months of the season and miraculously avoided the 100 loss mark. Some put that on the hands of new skipper Buck Showalter but those who think that Buck is going to single handily turn this team around will be mistaken. While the team did hit slightly better under him, it wasn’t by much and there was a lot of luck involved with it.

Batting Lines:

Trembly/Samuel: .256/.315/.384 wOBA .308 BABIP .294

Showalter: .265/.317/.390 wOBA .312 BABIP .310

See, it’s not that much of a difference but they did manage to score more runs per game under his watch (3.6 to 4.1). Luck might have something to do with that, though. They also walked less and struck out more.

The pitching is what improved the most in the last two months, especially Brian Matusz.

Trembley/Samuel: ERA 5.18 K/9 6.1,  FIP 4.77

Showalter: ERA3.54, K/9 6.7, FIP 4.35

Definitely a huge difference in the ERA but the FIP shows that there was a significant amount of luck involved in this as well. Opponents may have been outplaying the Orioles under Showalter but the O’s were getting wins as they were 34-23 ever since he took over. Those expecting the team to continue a winning pace like this next year might be disappointed but if some of the team’s youth steps up and Andy MacPhail can make a couple good signings this time then we might see some changes. Next I’ll evaluate who is leaving, who is up for arbitration and the potential roster for next year.



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