Caps-Flames Recap

So yeah…that was an awesome 40 minutes of hockey the Caps played tonight, eh? It started off looking like the Wild game and then the 2nd period happened. Ended the first nicely with a beautiful powerplay goal from Nicklas Backstrom (set up nicely by Green and Laich). Then Alex Ovechkin scored twice in 12 seconds during a 5 on 3. After that, the score speaks for itself. It looked like things got easier for the team after the first goal and then they just picked the Flames apart. Outshot 16-8 in the first period then they began the 2nd by outshooting Calgary 11-0.  I figured the goals would come for the first line sooner or later and tonight they finally did. They’ve been getting pucks to the net the last couple of games it was only a matter of time before it paid off. There was also Cory Sarich’s comical play where he shot the puck into his own net. I said there would be a favorable matchup when he was on the ice but I didn’t see that coming.

Short recap but I’ve got other stuff to do. Great game by the Caps, haha.

Three Stars:

1. Alex Ovechkin

2. Nicklas Backstrom

3. Mike Green

Honorable Mention: Alex Semin


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