Mark Giordano contract extended

Recently, Calgary Flames defenseman Mark Giordano was given a 5-year extension on his contract worth $20,100,00, with a cap hit of $4,020,000. Giordano was entering the final year of his current contract and it was a good move for the Flames to hang onto him after the year he had last season. Was this too much for him, though? Giordano has shown talent on the powerplay and with blocking shots but is he a good long-term investment for Calgary?

You could say that this is a contract based more on potential than production but Giordano is 27 and close to peaking as a defenseman. I still think he can get better and become a real threat on the powerplay for Calgary but if he doesn’t, then it’s kind of a bad investment for the Flames. Also, Giordano was matched up with some weak competition last year and his rating was higher because of it. Don’t get me wrong, he is a top 4 defenseman on any team in the league but he wasn’t getting top 2 minutes with Calgary last year. It will happen with Phaneuf, Bouwmeester and Regehr are on the same roster as you.

The Flames have $18.4 mil invested in their blue line next season with this move and this is assuming that Staios and White are gone so the top 4 need to perform at a top level to prove they are worth that much. If Giordano can improve on last season and play more difficult minutes, then he definitely will be worth it. Whether or not he will is still up in the air.


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