NFL Week 8 Picks

Burning the midnight oil for awhile and I have to go to sleep and wake up in time to watch the games so I will keep this week short and sweet.

Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals

I could actually see this as a potential upset for the Bengals. Miami’s secondary has been torched in recent weeks and the Bengals passing game’s been hot-and-cold this year but when it’s hot, it’s on fire. However, the Bengals passed the ball well last week and still lost so I think the Dolphins will edge it out.

Pick: Dolphins

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Dallas Cowboys

I don’t care if Kitna is starting or not, the Cowboys still have the advantage here because the Jaguars are back to playing awful football. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Todd Bouman is still their QB.

Pick: Cowboys

Washington Redskins vs Detroit Lions

I think these two teams play each other every year… Anyway, I’m going to take the Redskins but the Lions could definitely pull the upset if they can stop McNabb. That’s a big, big if though with how their secondary has played this year, though. Not that McNabb isn’t prone to mistakes or anything, because he is.

Pick: Redskins

Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Will probably end up like last week for the Bills. Strong showing but they’ll still lose in heartbreaking fashion. Chiefs probably know all of Chan Gailey’s plays by heart and know what’s coming too.

Pick: Chiefs

Carolina Panthers vs. St. Louis Rams

I’m expecting Jonathan Stewart to have a huge game since he’s the starting running back and get the Panthers their first “win-streak” of the season. That and I think Moore’s going to be finding David Gettis on a lot of single coverage plays like he did last week.

Pick: Panthers

Green Bay Packers vs. New York Jets

Tough one. Jets seem to have the upper hand in almost every category and it’s going to comedown to whether or not they can stop Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay passing game. Jets are good enough to do that so I think they will win.

Pick: Jets

Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers

Kevin Kolb, Matt Moore, Matt Cassel and Matt Hasselbeck have all looked great against the Niners. No reason why Kyle Orton can’t do the same.

Pick: Broncos

Tennessee Titans vs. San Diego Chargers

Let’s see Kenny Britt have that kind of a performance again. Chargers defense played well against New England but they have a big test this week against the Titans. I think they can live up to it and the Chargers have to get out of this hole they’re in sooner or later. The game is a “must win” for them in a way. If only their running game can come to life….

Pick: Chargers

Seattle Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders

Instincts say Seahawks in an easy win but they’ve struggled on the road and the Raiders are coming off a 59 point performance. The good news is that Jason Campbell won’t need to beat the Seahawks since Darren McFadden seems to have finally unleashed his talents. Plus, Seahawks played pretty bad last week despite beating Arizona fairly easily.

Pick: Raiders

Minnesota Vikings vs. New England Patriots

Favre is starting with two fractures in his ankle. Forget about it. I’m done picking against the Patriots for awhile when they play against teams that are desperate.

Pick: Patriots

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Tampa’s D has a fairly easy task on their hands against the Cardinals. Can they stop Larry Fitzgerald? Maybe. Can they stop Derek Anderson/Max Hall? Absolutely. Plus, Freeman’s proving to be a good clutch QB in close games.

Pick: Bucs

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New Orleans Saints

One of the few times where I’ll root for the Steelers. The Saints are going to want to redeem themselves after that Browns game but the Steelers defense is really overpowering teams this year. Do the Saints have enough firepower to overcome it? Last year, yes; but it looks like a lot of that magic is gone now.

Pick: Steelers

Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts

I’m really iffy on taking Houston here since they are such a hit-and-miss team but the Colts have been one as well. I have to think the Colts will gameplan for Arian Foster more this time but I don’t know if their secondary can keep up with Andre Johnson. Then again, the Texans have a depleted linebacking corps and the Colts can do a lot of damage with their running game against them if they use it. What’s a pick-em blog with out taking risks, though? Texans win and get their first sweep of the Colts ever.

Pick: Texans


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