Bruins-Caps recap abbreviated version

Trying to take a break from sports blogging for the weekend because I’ve got a lot on my plate but I managed to catch the game tonight and I have a few thoughts.

– The Caps played a great 50 minutes of hockey tonight. The 10 where they didn’t is where they let the Bruins tie the game despite being up 3-0 in the 3rd period. This is the same thing that happened against Toronto and it needs to stop. The two awful penalties and the awful dive by Alex Semin all happened in the first 10 minutes of the 3rd period and cost us the lead.  The good news is we were able to rally late and win.

– The Capitals offense is back to its old self for sure. They were putting forechecking relentlessly for most of the game and generating as many chances as they could which eventually led to a 3-0 lead. That and some good work on the faceoff circle.

– Tyler Sloan was the last person I would expect to score on this team. Yeah, even behind DJ King. Regardless, he got his first goal in almost a year tonight and was one of three defensemen that found their way onto the scoresheet tonight.

– I really like what I saw out of the 3rd line of Chimera-Gordon-Fehr. They didn’t score but they were really effective early in the game in terms of forechecking and keeping a lot of pressure on the Bruins defense. Gordon and Fehr did record an assist a piece, though.

– You know how Zdeno Chara was dominating us in the first two games? He was a -4 tonight. And remember how Tim Thomas was a wall in the first two games? Chased after two periods. Granted, none of the goals he let in were awful and he saw 25 shots.

– I don’t quite understand the decision to pull Michal Neuvirth after giving up the 3rd goal because neither were his fault but I guess he has to be fatigued after so much playing time and the more Holtby plays the better. This isn’t the best situation for Holtby to come in on, though.

– The Ovechkin-Backstrom-Semin line can sure produce a lot of offense but we’re really seeing the flaw in pairing those three together when it comes to backchecking and defense. Same with last game.

– I got the NESN feed on my stream and here’s some great quotes from the one and holy Jack Edwards.

“The Caps are gonna win it after having a third period heart attack.”

“Braden Holtby coming in here on “Change Your Goalie Night” at the Verizon Center.”

“Stop by Holden…er…Holtby..forgive me because I have never seen this guy before and I don’t think anyone else has.”

There was also his explosion when Thornton tied the game.

Overall, a good showing by the Caps aside from the third period metldown and we’re starting to look a lot like the team last year. Guess that comes with it’s pleasures and it’s problems. Hopefully we can learn not to sit on a lead in the 3rd and play more responsible defense in those situations. You’d think we’d be able to do that already.

Three Stars

1. Mike Green

2. Boyd Gordon

3. John Carlson


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