NFL Week 9 Picks

Remember how I kept my pick short last week? I’m gonna do that again because I’m knee deep into the semester here and I’m swamped with schoolwork and haven’t had a lot of time to amuse you people with my sports columns. I’ll still give this a shot, though. Here goes nothing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons

I’m slowly becoming a believer in Tampa Bay and they are undefeated on the road this year but Atlanta’s also undefeated at home. Tampa’s been beaten badly by better opponents too and I see Atlanta as a stronger team so I think the Falcons win and take command of the NFC South.

Pick: Falcons

Chicago Bears vs. Buffalo Bills

The Bills might be 0-7 but they aren’t pushovers. They’ve been competitive in almost every game this year and have made their opponents earn their wins. This week against Chicago’s a perfect opportunity to get their first victory with how bad the Bears have been. I want to say they pull it off by Fitzpatrick is going to have his hands full with how these two lines matchup. Chicago’s offense has been terrible, though and I think that’s what gives the Bills the edge here.

Pick: Bills

New England Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns

I was kind of surprised with how many people I saw predicting this as a Cleveland upset. The Browns special teams and defense came to play against the Saints a couple weeks ago but the Patriots will gameplan for them better and not allow an upset to happen.

Pick: Patriots

New York Jets vs. Detroit Lions

Another upset people are calling for…I don’t see it happening. The Jets offense isn’t going to be stalled for another week.

Pick: Jets

Arizona Cardinals vs. Minnesota Vikings

I want to say the Cardinals win with how much of a mess the Vikings are. Seriously, Favre is starting despite getting injured again, Childress traded their best wide receiver without letting management know, he got into a fight with Percy Harvin, etc. I’m surprised he’s still in Minnesota. However, the Cardinals have a history of playing bad in early games and the Vikings will probably win and we’ll have to listen to everyone talk about how the “Vikings are back” for another week.

Pick: Vikings

New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers

Most of you noticed that I didn’t post my weekly Panthers column and that’s for a couple reasons. 1, I’m too busy. 2. Even as an optimist, I don’t think they win this game given how bad they looked last week. 3. We played the Saints about a month ago, am I supposed to write the same breakdown twice? Granted, there’s a few different guys starting but still… Anyway, Saints will probably win but I’m just going to expect the worst and hope for the best.

Pick: Saints, ugh.

Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens

Dolphins still look sketchy. Running game is struggling a bit and they are apprehensive to go for big plays despite having one of the best wide receivers in the game. That and they continuously failed to get TD’s in the red zone last week. Over the past 2 weeks they’ve settled for 10 field goals. 10. You can’t beat the Ravens that way with how their offense has been playing lately.

Pick: Ravens

San Diego Chargers vs. Houston Texans

Kind of a tough pick but I think it’s time for the Chargers to keep going forward with a big win here.

Pick: Chargers

New York Giants vs. Seattle Seahawks

Possible trap game here since Seattle plays well at home but I don’t think that’s gonna help Charlie Whitehurst too much against the Giants defense.

Pick: Giants

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

I’m going to say the Chiefs because they have a better defense than some of the recent opponents Oakland’s won against.Plus, the Chiefs running attack and still do a number on the Raiders defense.

Pick: Chiefs

Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Two high powered offenses vs. two pretty bad defenses. At least in some aspects. Colts can’t stop the run and the Eagles can’t stop the pass. The edge should go to Manning and company here but Mike Vick is back for the Eagles and him and LeSean McCoy can really do some damage in this game. However, I still say the Colts win.

Pick: Colts

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers

This isn’t exactly what the NFL’s scheduling committee had in mind when they made this a primetime game….

Pick: Packers

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

You could say it’s a must win for both teams. Steelers need to make a statement and Bengals just need to win. I don’t like Carson Palmer’s chances at all in this game after watching him last week and for well…most of the season.

Pick: Steelers



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