Matt Moore and Dan Connor placed on IR

This trainwreck of a season continues. Looks like Jimmy Clausen will get his chance after all. Wait! Tony Pike could step up too! He played well okay decent at best in yesterday’s game! Everyone who was on the Clausen bandwagon seems to be off it now but I think it’s best if we just roll with him for the rest of the season to see what we have for next year. The truth is that NO quarterback is going to look good on the Panthers right now with how the team is playing. Not sure why it took so long for most people to realize this. We aren’t going to play teams like the 49ers every week and we’re probably not going to get more than 4 wins this year at the rate we’re going. I don’t know why John Fox still has a job because he’s shown complete disinterest in the team this year and couldn’t care less about preparing them for next year and you know what, I don’t blame him. The organization put him in a bad situation and now we’re the ones paying for it.

Dan Connor being out is a pretty huge hit to our defense with Jamar Williams on IR as well. I don’t know if Beason will go back to the MLB spot now or if Anderson will move there. I heard we picked up someone else this week too but I don’t know what he’s most accustomed too. Oh, and Thomas Davis isn’t coming back this season so you can forget about that too. Like I said, trainwreck.


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