NHL Notes

Being done with exams for awhile, I finally got caught up on the games the games going on in the last few days and I have some thoughts.

– Michal Neuvirth’s last few starts haven’t been good at all, the Rangers game was pretty ugly. He had a few really nice saves, yeah but he let in a few awful goals. The Boogaard one was especially bad. You can blame Sloan all you want for that turnover but a shot coming from that length with no screen from someone with little offensive abilities like Boogaard HAS to be stopped.

– I can see why Michal Rozsival is referred to as “Blowsival” after watching Matt Hendrick’s game winning goal. Bradley did a nice job to set up the goal but Rozsival’s turnover behind the net was terrible.

– Guess which Montreal Canadiens defenseman has been involved with all of the Habs powerplay goals? Roman Hamrlik. Yeah, Hamrlik. Not Subban or Markov. Who would have thought? I don’t know what it is about the Habs defense but they always seem to rise to the occasion when they’re up against a tough opponent. They completely shutdown the Canucks and Carey Price was phenomenal in net. I was shocked at how well Spacek and Hamrlik were able to shut down the Sedin line (Why Martin put those two against the Sedins is beyond me but hey, it worked). They really know how to control the pace against primarily offensive teams like the Canucks (and some other team…).

– I don’t know what’s up with the Leafs lately but they’ve looked like last year’s Leafs. Two awful performances against both Florida teams and their top line was invisible in both of them. It was against two fairly good defensive corps, too. Kris Versteeg has looked invisible in the entire year and that’s not good.

– Speaking of Florida, I said at the beginning of the season that their defense was a strong point this year and it has been one. Brian Allen is playing really well and putting up points, too. Dennis Wideman is looking like he’s shaking off that bad season he had last year, too. In terms of forwards, Frolik’s been very good this season and Mike Santorelli’s been a surprise considering they got him off waivers. He isn’t lighting up the place but he’s creating a lot of offense and I always seem to notice him driving the net.

– I don’t know what made me laugh more, Kolvachuk’s shootout blunder or the Penguins collapse against the Bruins. Probably the latter since I watched that game. Nathan Horton is one of my favorite players in the league, he has such a sick shot and he displayed that with his goal tonight. Launched it right through a screen and past Johnson. The goals showed the Pens playing some of the worst defense I’ve ever seen. How Goligoski was only a -2 in that game is beyond me. Michalek had some poor play behind the net as well (see the Wheeler goal) which is surprising for him. Also, I need to make a blog about which announcers i’d like to see get nailed with a puck while they’re between the benches. Bob Errey is sure to be high on that list.

– Congrats to Chris Clark on reaching 100 goals. He was a good captain in Washington for his time being. Unfortunately, he was always hurt in his last few years and not producing his much so moving him is what was best for the team. Plus, I love what Chimera’s brought to the Caps so I can think Clark for that too! Oh, and the Jackets routed the Blues 8-1 and that was the first time the Jackets have scored more than 3 goals all season. Go big or don’t go at all I say! Just as everyone was on the Blues bandwagon.

– Curtis McElhinney got a shutout. Huh? The Isles are that bad.


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