Alex Semin on a tear

Let’s see, over the past 6 games, Alex Semin has 7 goals and 13 points with at least one point of each of those games to boot. Not only that but he’s had two hat tricks this season. Semin’s been known as an enigmatic player throughout his stay in Washington but right now I and a lot of other people think he’s playing some of the best hockey of his career. Yes, I know that Semin’s always been an “on-and-off” player but during those stretches where he’s hot, he’s usually just putting up points. During this streak he seems to be doing a lot more. I”ve been noticing him backchecking a lot harder, creating turnovers and actually playing a solid two-way game. Even more solid since he’s been a machine offensively. It’s just really nice to see this kind of effort from a player that’s been criticized as “lazy and one-dimensional” to many people and while that might be somewhat true, he’s definitely working to put an end to those rumors. Putting him on the first line with Ovechkin and Backstrom definitely helped but he got a hat trick the other night playing on the second line with some powerplay time (ended the night with around 17 minutes) so he’s definitely making the most of of his ice time whether he’s on the first or second line.

The real question is how much longer are we going to see this kind of play from him? I don’t think he’s going to be on this ridiculous scoring pace for the rest of the season but he if he keeps playing a great all-around game like he is right now then I wont be complaining. If he drifts to the other end of the spectrum where he takes awful penalties, doesn’t back-check then he will be the most bi-polar Russian player around today next to the Kostitsyn brothers. We’ll just have to see if he takes it into the playoffs before we decide if we’re going to re-sign him or not.


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