Chad Dukes slams the Redskins

In response to their humiliating 59-28 loss to the Eagles on Monday Night Football, radio DJ and Redskin fan Chad Dukes let his favorite team hear it on the opening segment on his radio show with Lavar Arrington. It is quite possibly the best rant I have ever heard in my life. Here’s some quotes; “If you want to be a Steelers fan right now. DO IT! You deserve better!” “Dan Snyder, go ride the Twister at Six Flags for the rest of your life. Go whip me up a Johnny Rockets burger. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY FOOTBALL TEAM!” “Fire everyone on the team, make them return their key cards.” He even goes on to say that he felt like the fans were robbed and betrayed by the team.

I live in the Metro area and I know how passionate Redskins fans are about their team so I see where he’s coming from. How over dramatic he is here is also makes it a great rant but like I said, I can sort of feel his pain.

As a longtime Orioles fan, I know all about being fed-up with losing and having my team be a joke for so long. If I was as passionate about the O’s as I am with the Panthers I probably would have had a rant like this a long time ago. I’ve ranted and complained before but never like this. I’ve been extremely vocal about Jerry Richardson and the Panthers front office with how they’ve mismanaged this off-season which has us in a 1-8 hole but the Redskins have been dysfunctional for 10 years. Despite that, the Redskins still have one of the most loyal fanbases that I know of. The Panthers have always had a decent team aside from a few years so hearing rants like this kind of makes me thankful for that. However, I will say that I do hope this is the last time we have to suffer through a season like this for awhile.

There’s only been two times I’ve been “Dukes-mad” about the Panthers; after the NFC Divisional game meltdown and the first game of the season last year (which came against these same Eagles, oddly enough). Let’s just say that all other losses don’t compare to those. I wasn’t mad when we lost the Super Bowl or the NFC Championship game against the Seahawks. Which was weird because I was younger then. Anyway, losses haven’t bummed me out that much this season because I kind of expect them now and the only game I was somewhat mad watching was the Bears one. Still not to this extent.

Like I said, I can see where he’s coming from even if he is sort of…..extreme with the rant for lack of a better word. What makes it great is that I know so many fans like this and they all wish they could spill their guts out to thousands of listeners like Dukes did here. This rant alone captures the thought of almost every Redskin fan I know and I sort of commend Dukes for it.


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