Your Daily Sports Musings

– Carolina Panthers have put DeAngelo Williams on IR, with a foot injury which will end his season and possibly his career as a Panther. I’m still on the fence on how mad I would be if we were to lose him but I’ll save that for a later post…maybe later tonight if I have time.

– Jimmy Clausen sustained a concussion after getting hit (helmet-to-helmet) by Aqib Talib and it’s looking like he’s already ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Ravens. This means that Tony Pike or Brian St. Pierre could be starting this Sunday. One word; Yikes.

– Mike Richards called out PK Subban about being disrespectful. Richards is one of the Flyers I like and I think Subban’s been playing like an asshole this year so hearing someone call him out pleased me a bit.

– Brett Sutter and Ian White were traded from the Calgary Flames to the Carolina Hurricanes for Tom Kostopolus and Anton Babchuk. I’ve always liked both Babchuk and Kostopolus so I think it’s a pretty good deal for the Flames. Surprised that Darryl was able to actually make a decent trade for once. Trading away a family member has to be awkward though.

– Caps lines tonight are apparently;

Johansson on the first line again? That will be…interesting. He skated well in the third period of Sunday’s game so if he keeps it up then this could work out well. Maybe this is a way for Boudreau to get MoJo some long overdue points? I understand pairing Backstrom and Semin since they’ve shown some amazing chemistry the last couple of games. It’s also nice to see Fleischmann out of the lineup. Johansson’s earned the ice time a lot more than Flash has. Fehr could be next if he doesn’t get out of this rut.


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