What I Learned From Tonight’s Game

Referring to the Bears-Dolphins

1. My pick of the Dolphins winning the East is done for good now. So much for being bold.

2. I think Jake Long is the only starter on their offensive line now and he’s playing with an injured arm. Richard Incognito at center was a disaster.

3. Every Bears game I watched has been one of the worst offensive displays I’ve seen from the year and I’m referring to both the opponents and the Bears themselves. Tonight it was more of their opponents because the Bears offense looked pretty good tonight. Good enough to win, at least.

4. Dan Henning really, really needs to be fired. I don’t know why the Dolphins kept passing when they have a bad offensive line and Tyler Thigpen at QB. Makes no sense but nothing Dan Henning does.

5. Why does the NFL Network hire such awful announcers? Theismann and Millen were so obnoxious tonight. Arguing over their alma maters, stating countless times how long the Dolphins defense was on the field and Joe talking about how much he hates Tyler Thigpen. We get it.

6. The Bears can win the North with that defense. Their front four generates so much pressure it’s ridiculous. Peppers has made Izzy Idonije really shine on their defensive line and he’s been a monster this season. Peppers numbers aren’t impressive but when you watch him on the field you can tell he’s making a HUGE impact.

7. Cutler looked good for the most part but the  Bears offense still looks like a work in progress. They aren’t lightning the world on fire but they’re getting the job done which is sometimes all you need.

8. Dan Carpenter fantasy owners are pissed.

9. You ever want to see teams fail because of their fans? The Bears are definitely one of those teams for me. Only decent ones I’ve met are the ones on SBNation.

10. I’m glad I missed most of the first half to watch that Lightning-Flyers game instead. Holy Stamkos.


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