Caps-Devils post game thoughts

I only watched some of the game and it’s kind of hard for me to get bent out of shape over it even though Washington got their asses handed to them. Yes, we got shut out 5-0 by a team that’s struggling offensively but I’m not terribly worried for a couple reasons. 1. I am really tired and it’s hard for me to care right now and 2. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Braden Holtby in Washington for much longer. It’s hard to put the blame completely on him since he was forced into an unplanned start (Neuvirh wasn’t feeling well) but a lot of those shots he let in need to be stopped.

So, in their last two road games, the Caps have been outscored 10-0 and showed some pretty bad effort in those losses, especially from Alex Ovechkin. You have to think that’s why Boudreau kept switching the lines around a lot because Ovechkin has to play better and he knows it. I’m also thinking that everyone is off the John Erskine bandwagon by now after some of the plays he had tonight. Yikes.

Couple more notes.

– I will be turning twitter off during games from now on.

See this dog? I’m naming it Sloan. Hopefully it finds a new home in Hershey or someone else away from Washington in the next few weeks/months.

Like I said, I’m not going to sugarcoat this loss because they played awful against a bottom-5 team but am I signaling for the end of the world now? No. Because it’s only November and the goals will come for this team.


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