Jake Delhomme to start for Browns against Panthers

It still feels weird seeing him in another uniform

I thought the headline for this week’s game against Cleveland would be McCoy vs. Clausen but at this rate it might end up being Delhomme vs. Null. What a barnburner! I can probably say that if Delhomme was still in Carolina then there’s a chance we wouldn’t be 1-9. Not that I would want him starting here but he’d be a great mentor for both Clausen and Moore. Moore’s noticed a huge dropoff in production this season and Clausen is still going through a ton of growing pains. Their struggles could be due to there being no veteran QB’s on the roster to give them some guidance and Delhomme would have fit the bill well for that. The problem is you can’t pay a back-up QB/mentor $12 mil so he had to go. I feel that he’s definitely washed up if you’re relying on him to win the game but if you only need him to manage the game, then he’s not as terrible of a QB as he’s made out to be. The Browns will probably not rely on him to win the game since Carolina can’t stop the run and the Browns have Peyton Hillis. Should be an interesting game, though. Definitely awkward.


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