Panthers news and notes

Some minor news from today is that WR Devin Thomas has been cut after being activated for last Sunday’s game against the Ravens.His great performance of two dropped passes and two mediocre kick returns seems to be enough for us to pull the plug on him. Personally I don’t blame Carolina for releasing him since he’s always been a lazy worker and last thing this team needs is headcase in the locker room making things worse. I have a feeling this was his last chance in the pros too.

Also of note is that QB Keith Null was signed which likely means that Jimmy Clausen isn’t feeling at 100% and Brian St. Pierre is also injured. The bad news of this was that Null was the team’s “backup” plan if they couldn’t get St. Pierre. All I can say is that I hope that Clausen is feeling better by Sunday because I do NOT want us to start another QB who barely knows the offense. Would rather see Tony Pike or Armanti Edwards out there instead of St. Pierre

The team also signed S Gerald Alexander who will likely fill in for Jordan Pugh as the team’s backup safety. Not much else to say about that.

Let’s hope a season like this doesn’t happen again anytime soon, shall we?


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