NFL Week 12 Picks

Let’s do it.
Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

I’m aboard both team’s hype trains but if there’s one thing I know it’s that the Packers struggle whenever they are in a hostile environment. The Falcons are nearly unbeatable at home and they have a prolific passing attack going up against a banged up secondary. The Packers passing game also has a favorable matchup against Atlanta’s secondary but I’ll continue to take the Falcons at home until they lose a game there. The key for the Packers winning this game is getting pressure on Matt Ryan and forcing him off his game, that’s how they’ve managed to stay 7-3 despite all of the injuries.

Pick: Falcons

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills

Fully expect the Steelers to derail the Bills spirits just like they did to the Raiders last week. I also expect there to be a new record for personal foul penalties against Pittsburgh and maybe only one or two of them will be justified.

Pick: Steelers

Carolina Panthers vs. Cleveland Browns

I don’t care how many picks Jake Delhomme will throw, if you can’t score then you’re not going to win a lot of games and Carolina can’t score. Cleveland proved that themselves last week against Jacksonville.

Pick: Browns

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Giants

With 1/2 of their receiving corps out, the Giants are going to make a living by running the ball and playing good defense, which they do well. This is a good game for them to get back on track in both areas since the Jags have a poor run defense and have a tendency to turn the ball over. However, I like this Jags team a lot and I think they can pull the upset. It’s a risky pick but I’m a risky person. The Giants starting Brandon Jacobs sort of works in Jacksonville’s favor since they will be seeing more of a slower back and the Jags have a very fast defensive line. How many plays Jacobs will see before Bradshaw gets put in is still a mystery, though. I’m going to say five.

Pick: Jaguars

Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins

I’m going to say the Vikings will get back on track here with a new coach kind of like Dallas did. Why I say this is because Frazier is smart enough to run the ball more and the Redskins have the worst defense in the league. Get to the Redskins early and don’t put the game into Favre’s hands and winning becomes a lot easier. Then again, Favre might have an easier time throwing all over this secondary, though. Just stay away from DeAngelo Hall.

Pick: Vikings

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

So…how is the Texans defense going to screw this one up? They’ve had one heartbreaking loss after another this season and a home game against a divisional rival is a perfect set up for another one. I will reluctantly take the Texans, though since I see them in desperation mode and the Titans are a mess. If Randy Moss hardly made an impact against Washington’s D, what makes you think he’ll fare any better against the Texans? Except for the fact that they might be worse.

Pick: Texans

Miami Dolphins vs. Oakland Raiders

How long is it before Dan Henning goes back to what works for the Dolphins? That, of course being running the football. It’s going to be a battle of backups with Tyler Thigpen and Bruce Gradkowski so I hope one of these coaches/offensive coordinators figures out that who ever has the better running game will win. I’m going to ride the hot streak and go with Darren McFadden and Oakland in this game for that reason. He was shut down against Pittsburgh last week but it was against arguably the best D in the league. Dolphins aren’t pushovers either but I think Run DMC will find his groove in this game and the Raiders will win. If only for the fact that Henning will call passing plays with the primary receiver being covered by Asomugha the whole game.

Pick: Raiders

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks are tough at home but the Chiefs are the better team here. Plus, Seattle’s secondary has been torched in past weeks and Matt Cassel has been playing very well the past few weeks. It helps that Dwayne Bowe is looking more like the receiver people expected him to be.

Pick: Chiefs

St. Louis Rams vs. Denver Broncos

I will take the Rams mainly because they’re the better all-around team. Denver can pass the ball better but the Rams have the personnel to shutdown Knowshon Moreno. I also don’t think Denver has enough to stop Steven Jackson and I’m still very high on Sam Bradford. He’s made a lot of no-name receivers look very good this season and will continue to do so against Denver.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Bucs really need to win this game to disprove all of their naysayers. I’m not a “naysayer” of them but I do think the Ravens will win. The Bucs D hasn’t fared well when playing against an offense that’s as versatile and with as many weapons as Baltimore. Josh Freeman will do his best to keep the ball away from Ed Reed, which he’s capable of but not while having Terrell Suggs and Jarrett Johnson in his face. Baltimore should win but Tampa isn’t going down easy.

Pick: Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears

Eagles have a tough test. I said after the Redskins game that I would wait until they’ve beaten a team with a good defense before I jump on the bandwagon and they beat the Giants last week. Granted, they looked a bit “off” and the playcalling still kind of sucks but it was still enough to win. A good matchup here is Julius Peppers against his old NFC South foe Mike Vick and seeing if even he has enough to bring him down. The Bears play a defense that restricts teams from getting big plays and the Eagles offense thrives off that so I think Philly will be slowed down a lot in this game. LeSean McCoy will be the x-factor and if they can use him on screen plays effectively that might be enough to win. There’s also the issue of them playing only a few healthy CB’s against a QB who can take advantage of that. I’m going to pick the Eagles here because I think the Bears defense will eventually break after the Eagles keep chipping away at them.

Pick: Eagles

San Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Taking another risk and picking the Chargers on the road because they’ve played great the past few weeks and are getting Vincent Jackson back. It is tough to pick against Peyton Manning at home but I still see San Diego as the best team in the West and they’ll keep pace to win the division.

Pick: Chargers

San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Yawn….get ready for another Monday Night Snoozefest. Or maybe it’ll be surprisingly awesome! The Cardinals QBs aren’t good enough to win games and Troy Smith’s provided a small spark for the 49ers. Key word there being small considering they did get shutout last week. Either way, it’s two pretty bad football teams but the Niners seem to suck less right now.

pick: 49ers


One Response to NFL Week 12 Picks

  1. Oddsboard says:

    Yes a very boring Monday Night Football game indeed! I will take Arizona simply on home field advantage. Look for them to win by a FG.

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