NFL Week 16 Picks

First off, I hope my readers had a great Christmas. I took the last couple of days off writing since I was working on other stuff, but I’ll be back in full force now! What better way to kick things off than with some NFL picks? Getting closer and closer to the playoffs and for teams like the Giants, Jaguars and Packers, it’s already basically the playoffs for them since they need to win to stay alive in the race. What’s even better is the teams like this are playing each other so hopefully we’re in for some great game this weekend.

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills

For whatever reason, I think this could be a trap game for the Pats. That said, I don’t think the Bills will pull the upset but they’ll definitely keep it close. No matter how the team’s are, I never put anything against a home team in a rivalry game like this. This will be one to stay away from in Pick ‘Em pools but I’m still taking the Pats to win.

Pick: Patriots

New York Jets vs. Chicago Bears

So…who else is on the Jets bandwagon since they beat the Steelers and are “back?” Not me. I know Cutler’s going up against Revis and Cromartie but he’s smart enough to keep the ball away from those two and the Jets pass rush hasn’t been as great as everyone thought it would be. Plus, the Bears defense are going up against an injured Mark Sanchez, which definitely makes me learn towards the Bears in this one.

Pick: Bears

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns

I have a similar feeling to this game as I did about the Bills-Pats game but like that game, I think the Ravens will win. If only for the fact that they’re playing to stay alive in the AFC North race and get a home playoff game. That’s crucial for the Ravens given their home-road record.

Pick: Ravens

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Titans looked better last week but the Chiefs have a better defense than the Texans so I think they’ll have a more difficult time moving the ball against them. Also the Chiefs have played well against the run for the most part this year but they will have their hands full with Chris Johnson. Likewise, the Titans will have their hands full with Jamaal Charles and possibly Thomas Jones. That makes me take the Chiefs.

Pick: Chiefs

San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams

I guess i”ll only take the Rams here because they’re the home team and Sam Bradford has a favorable matchup playing against the Niners secondary.

Pick: Rams

Detroit Lions vs. Miami Dolphins

Chad Henne could take advantage of the Lions secondary but he’s struggled even against bad teams. That and the Dolphins don’t really have “home field advantage” since they play worse in Miami. I know it seems weird to take the Lions and Drew Stanton but I’m going to do it here.

Pick: Lions

Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The key to the Redskins winning this game is having Ryan Torain run all over the Jags defense like so many other teams have done against them. The Skins still make too many mistakes for me to pick them in this game. Plus, David Garrard could have a career day against Washington’s D.

Pick: Jaguars

San Diego Chargers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Chargers all the way.

Pick: Chargers

Houston Texans vs. Denver Broncos

Eh, I’m leaning towards the Texans if they can actually give the ball to Arian Foster enough times. Something embarrassing always seems to happen to them though so I think Tebow will score three TD’s. Whether they be through the ground or the air.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Oakland Raiders

Raiders could definitely pull the upset if McFadden has a good enough day. Peyton Manning has been playing on another level (aka his usual self) the past couple of weeks and that Oakland defense can easily be picked apart by good QB’s. See what David Garrard did to them a few weeks ago.

New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers

I’m still on the Green Bay bandwagon and I think getting Aaron Rodgers back will help them a lot. The Giants secondary did show a lot of flaws last week and I think the Packers could definitely take advantage of that. Or it could be the 2007-08 playoffs all over again. Who knows?

Seattle Seahawks vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Definitely the Bucs here even if the Lions knocked them off last week and they have a ton of injuries. The Seahawks may still be alive in the NFC West race but that will come to an end here.

Pick: Bucs

Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Yawn. Eagles. Why did they flex this to Sunday night again? I think the Eagles have been playing prime time games more than any other team.

Pick: Eagles

New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

I hate the Saints…but they need this win more and I think they’ll be able to pull it off even if Atlanta is basically unbeatable at home.Drew Brees has seen this defense enough times to know how to play against them and that could be the key. Also, the Falcons don’t necessarily need this win as bad as the Saints do. Atlanta’s already in the playoffs and can still clinch the NFC South with a win next week………against Carolina.

Pick: Saints



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