Carolina Panthers Top 10 Plays of 2010

I thought this would be a fun idea. Even in a rough season like the Panthers just had, there were still a few positives. Sure, we only had 2 wins but there were plenty of moments which made fans jump out of their chairs and get excited. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of those so weeding out a top 10 was somewhat easy and difficult at the same time. It was easy to narrow down the big plays because I remembered most of them when they happened. It was difficult because I had to lower my standards a little bit of what qualifies as one. Anyway, here are 10 great plays from the Carolina Panthers 2-14 season.

10. Mike Goodson’s 26 yard TD run vs. Cleveland

Goodson’s been a pleasant surprise for the Panthers this year as he’s done a nice job of filling in for the injured DeAngelo Williams. This is him basically doing what he usually does which is “hitting the hole” (thanks Torry Holt) and finding gaps in the defense and bursting through them. This 26-yard gallop got the Panthers on the board against Cleveland on their first drive. Definitely one of the nicer offensive plays we’ve seen from the Panthers this year. Also up for consideration was his 30+ yard desperation run off a screen pass during the Panthers last drive in the same game.

9. Greg Hardy’s blocked punt vs. New York Giants

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a video clip of this but it was a great play by the rookie defensive end and one of the few bright spots in this ugly game to start off the season. Hardy was considered to be  a “steal” in the draft for the Panthers and he’s definitely played very well when he’s been given time. 30 tackles and 3 sacks for him on the season. That and this nice play.

8. Sherrod Martin’s interception off John Skelton vs. Arizona

Surprised that Martin only ended up with one INT on the year (even more surprised that Charles Godfrey had 5) but this was a very nice one. He saw an overthrown pass from Arizona QB John Skelton, intercepted it and returned it inside the 20 yard line. This play also set up a Carolina TD. Another nice play from him was him forcing a Lance Moore fumble against New Orleans at the goal line. I almost put that on the list but thought this play was better.

7. Ed Johnson’s INT off Todd Collins vs. Chicago

Speaking of nice plays at the goal-line, Ed Johnson made a great one here. He stepped right in front of a low pass from Todd Collins and intercepted it to keep the Panthers in the game. It’s a shame the offense couldn’t capitalize on any of the 4 turnovers which the defense caused in this game.

6. DeAngelo Williams 39-yard TD run vs. New Orleans

Here’s what we’re used to seeing from DeAngelo Williams. He makes a sick cutback at the beginning, runs to the outside, breaks a couple of tackles and leaves Tracy Porter in his tracks. Again, it’s too bad we didn’t get to see more runs like that this season.

5. Steve Smith 37-yard TD catch on 4th down vs. Tampa Bay

I probably wasn’t the only one worried when I saw us go for it on this play. Thankfully it was all for nothing as Steve Smith came up big on this play. Took advantage of the Tampa Bay corner falling down but still a great catch and run from #89.

4. Captain Munnerlyn pick 6 vs. Cleveland

Never thought the Panthers would be on the receiving end of a Jake Delhomme interception, but they had two of them in the game against the Browns and Munnerlyn took one 37 yards back for a TD. Pretty poor pass by Jake but still good anticipation by Munnerlyn to pick it off. He’s played very well in the 2nd half of the season.

3. David Gettis 23-yard TD reception vs. San Francisco

I was originally going to include both of his TD’s in this game as one entry but I thought that would be excessive. I thought this one was the more impressive of the two as he made the catch while being pretty well covered in the back of the end zone. It also tied the game and led to the Panthers first win of the season.

2. Jonathan Stewart 55 yard TD catch vs. New Orleans

Also Jimmy Clausen’s first NFL TD. The thought going through my mind when watching this play happen was “How in the world did Stew get that open?” Thank the lord for blown coverages.

1. David Gettis 88-yard TD catch vs. Baltimore

Who would have thought that Brian St. Pierre would be the QB who delivered this play. Too bad it was one of maybe 3 or 4 good plays for him in that game. What a play this was, though. 2nd longest TD pass in Panthers history, I believe. Gettis has shown a lot of potential this season and he can be a big part of this offense in the future. He really shows off his speed on this play. It also helps that cornerback is arguably the Ravens weakest position.


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