Evgeni Nabokov’s GAAA (Goals Allowed Above Average) stats from the past five years. This shows how many shots a goalie stopped above the league average. As you can see, Nabby’s performance from 2005-2008 obviously wasn’t worth the $5.375 mil cap hit that his contract dictated. However, last season he played out of his mind and his graph shows that he had his best season in awhile. It was also the last year of his contract and he was clearly paying to get another contract like the one he previously had. Unfortunately for him, the Sharks let him walk and their current goalie tandem of NiittyMaki and Niemi is putting up numbers close to the league average. One reason for the huge boost in production from Nabokov could have been that he saw about 300 more shots than he did the previous two seasons (he was hurt for a good chunk of games is probably why) . It does make you wonder why no one signed Nabokov, though. There have been so many GMs who have given goalies lucrative contracts after career seasons like the one Nabby had in 2009-10. Maybe they’re getting smarter at this? I believe he received $6 mil from his contract with St. Petersberg in the KHL and it’s clear no one wanted to give a goalie that much but if he stayed in the NHL, I would be willing to bet he would have gotten at least $3 mil a season from a team like Tampa Bay or Philadelphia, who were looking for goalies in the off-season.


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