Panthers fan guide to championship week

With the Panthers not in the playoffs, I was wonder who everyone was bandwagoning this season. I was riding the Ravens bandwagon for the playoffs but they’re eliminated now. So, I’m stuck with a bit of a conundrum here as I don’t know who to root for of the remaining four teams. I thought it would be a fun idea to go through them and weigh the pros and cons of each one from a Panthers fan’s point of view.


Green Bay Packers

Why Panthers fans would root for them:

I always saw the Packers as a team that’s hard to dislike. Grandfather owned, not a lot of scumbags, no more Brett Favre causing drama there, etc. Plus, I always thought that Aaron Rodgers was a very likable QB and Clay Matthews is just awesome. We also have them to thank for eliminating the Falcons last week in dominant fashion. Always good to know a division rival won’t be winning the Super Bowl.

Why Panthers fans wouldn’t root for them:
1996-97 NFC Championship game. I was only 6 then but it was still a pretty big bummer. I’m also afraid that the media is going to talk endlessly about their history and how they have the “best fans ever” and that’s always annoying. That and I notice their fans tend to be more irrational and pessimistic than others.

Chicago Bears

Why Panthers fans would root for them:

It would be cool to see Chris Harris win a Super Bowl, there are some times when I wish he was still on the team but I understand why he was traded.  They also haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 90’s and the oldest franchise in the NFL is overdue for one now. They had their shot in 2007 but it was ruined by Rex Grossman and Ron Turner. Their defense is still strong as ever so maybe Jay Cutler and Mike Martz will bring better results this time.

Why Panthers fans wouldn’t root for them:

Julius Peppers. I think that says it all… but Cutler definitely has plenty of haters out there. I’m not one of them but I can understand the hate. That and their fans have had this “us vs. the world” mentality this season and it’s annoyed me to no extent.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Why Panthers fans would root for them:
It’s always easy to back a winner and all the Steelers seem to do is win. Mike Tomlin is one of the best coaches in the NFL and for the most part, they’ve always been a respectable franchise and it’s easy to like them but that leads me into my next part…

Why Panthers fans wouldn’t root for them:
Let’s see, there’s Ben “Sexual Assault” Roethlisberger and James “I WILL NOT HIT ILLEGALLY!” Harrison for starters along with Hines Ward and his obnoxious shit-eating grin. Plus, who really wants to see the Steelers win another Super Bowl? It will be their 3rd in the last 6 years. Yawn. Let’s give someone else a shot. Oh, and they have one of the most arrogant, annoying fanbases that I’ve ever had to deal with. Last thing we need is another reason for those douchebags to gloat even if their team is really good.

New York Jets

Why Panthers fans would root for them:

For one, they’re playing the Steelers and are the “underdog” and most people’s instincts tell them to root for the underdog in these matchups (see the Saints in the Super Bowl last year). They also have the same case as the Bears where they haven’t been to a Super Bowl in years so it would be nice to have a new team there. I also think that Ladanian Tomlinson deserves a Super Bowl ring, for sure. The Hard Knocks show has gotten a lot of people on their bandwagon, as well. You either love Rex Ryan or you hate him. It was also nice to see them knock-off the “unbeatable” Patriots.

Why Panthers fans wouldn’t root for them:

It depends on how we feel about players being “respectful” or not. The Jets are pretty much the opposite of that. They spend the whole week trash talking their opponents and the last two weeks, they actually backed it up. I don’t know if who to hate more; a team that’s all bark and no bite or one that can actually back-up the trash-talking they do. Probably the latter because they’re more difficult to deal with. Also, Bart Scott being a complete crybaby is also making this team more hate-able. I also think their fans are next to the Eagles in terms of obnoxiousness.

That was fun. I thought this would be a good light-hearted post with all of the news that’s happened here in the last week or so, haha. Which bandwagon are you guys riding?


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