The second-line center market

Earlier today, the Nashville Predators acquired Mike Fischer from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for a first round pick and a conditional pick depending on how Nashville does in the playoffs (3rd round pick if they get past the first round, 2nd round pick if they make it past 2 rounds). This should definitely interest Capitals fans seeing how we’re looking for someone to center our second line and will probably make a move at the trade deadline. It definitely makes me worry that we might have to overpay for someone, though seeing how Nashville gave up a first rounder for Mike Fisher, who is a solid two-way center but nothing more than that. There are also other teams who could be looking to trade for a center as well (Pittsburgh, Boston, Phoenix and a few others come to mind) so we might have to overpay to get what we want this trade deadline.

I haven’t put a lot of thought into who Washington will trade for at the deadline but one player who comes to mind is Jason Arnott of the Devils.

Why he would trade for him:

He is basically what we’re looking for right now which is someone who can center the second line while still being defensively responsible. He scored 33 goals with Nashville only two years ago so he definitely still has some left in the tank even if his numbers the last two seasons aren’t that impressive. He has also been on Stanley Cup winning teams before and bringing in a guy who has won before isn’t a bad idea at all.

Why we wouldn’t trade for him:

He makes $4.5 million this season so we would have to free up some cap space before trading for him. My guess is that Tom Poti’s the easiest to move right now. He also is very inconsistent and hasn’t been able to stay healthy the past few seasons.



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