Capitals-Coyotes recap

All season long I’ve tried to keep an optimistic outlook with this team. “The goals will come if we keep getting to the net.” “The powerplay will get better because there’s too much talent on this team for it not too.” “We will eventually regain first in the Southeast.” Well, so far none of that has happened. Tonight’s game against Phoenix was another one which reminded me of the last three games of the Montreal series. Outshooting them 30-17 and scoring only twice (once on a fluke goal). The powerplay faltered being 0/5 tonight despite having 14 shots attempted and the shift after a failed powerplay would lead to a scoring chance or a goal for Phoenix. Just constant silly mistakes that keep happening this season and I am 99.9% certain I’m not the only fan who is sick of this garbage. I read a blog that said the Capitals would not be a playoff team in the Western Conference this year and while I wouldn’t go that far, they definitely would be a team who wouldn’t clinch until the last couple games of the season.


– If there’s one thing I can’t hate about tonight’s game it was the effort. The results weren’t there but the team definitely tried. Alex Ovechkin was doing just about all he could to try to tie the game in the third period. Unfortunately, he got frustrated and was doing a few things he could have done differently which may or may not have resulted in a goal and not a blocked shot.

– It’s easy to say that Mike Green being out was the reason our powerplay went 0/5 but let’s face it, I think they generated more chances 5 on 4 tonight than they did in the last three games combined. That was with Scott Hannan manning the point for a little bit.

– Speaking of Scott Hannan, I was ready to have his head after his penalty on Scottie Upshall but I think the latter did a better job at selling it and the refs bought it. Too bad it resulted in a goal.

– The powerplay not converting the 5th time resulted in Phoenix getting us in a bad line change and a 2-on-1 with Vernon Fiddler and Scottie Upshall happened which resulted in a lay-up for Fiddler. I said that Phoenix is a team that can kill you if you give them chances like that and they did just that tonight.

– I have to give credit where it’s due to Phoenix and Ilya Bryzgalov, who made a lot of fine saves tonight. The team played a solid defensive game overall, similar to what we do only they have a lot more balance in scoring than we do. Sad that we can’t seem to score more than 2 goals these days.

– Penalties like the double-minor Nicklas Backstrom took towards the end of the game will absolutely kill a team and it did that to us tonight. Backstrom is also pointless in 7 of his last 8 games. I don’t even need to tell you that’s not good.

– Faceoff percentage is an overrated stat sometimes.

– Keith Yandle is quickly becoming one of my favorite defensemen to watch in the NHL.

– Remember how I said that Upshall-Turris-Doan would be the line to focus on tonight? Well, I was completely wrong because Turris was scratched and it was Whitney-Hanzal-Vrbata that killed us tonight. Schultz-Hannan didn’t exactly match-up great against them.

– Dave Strader is still my favorite NHL commentator.


The losing streak is now at 3 as the Caps go into Anaheim this Wednesday for a re-match with the Ducks. It’s time to turn this season around because time is running out. I like that we’re generating more chances but the goals need to start coming and McPhee is going to have to make a trade if things stay the way they are.


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