Caps-Sharks recap

Before the game, I told myself that I would refrain from saying anything overly negative about the team tonight. They were playing the second game of a back-to-back after a thrilling win in Anaheim last night. I expected them to look kind of gassed for this game and that was definitely the case. Unfortunately, they ran out of steam in the 3rd period and it ended up costing them the game as the Caps put up a good fight but fell to San Jose 3-2 tonight. The Shark Tank has never been kind to them and tonight was no different. The good news? They didn’t completely roll over. That and they didn’t lose any ground on Montreal or Tampa Bay since they both lost tonight as well but it would have been nice to win this game.


– I think I’ve been saying all season long that the Caps top line and “star players” need to be better. Alex Semin had a hat trick last night and both Nicklas Backstrom and Alexander Ovechkin scored tonight. At least that problem is kind of going away now. Ovechkin had another strong game with a goal and an assists and fired 7 shots on net. While most of the team looked tired, Ovechkin was definitely on his game tonight.

– Remember how last night I was complaining about the defense letting other teams forwards hang around right in front of the net and they weren’t doing anything about it? Yeah, that happened again tonight and two goals resulted from it. First was Scott Hannan letting Ryan Clowe stand in front of the net to bang home a Michal Neuvirth rebound to give the Sharks a 2-1 lead. Then there was a huge crowd in front of the net which allowed Dany Heatley to tip in a Dan Boyle shot to make it a 3-1 game. Sounds like something Boudreau to work on in practice these next few days.

– I really thought the Caps had a good chance to get a point out of this game the way they were playing until the third period. They contained the Sharks well in the neutral zone for the most part but then they just looked exhausted and then all of the chances went the Sharks way. John Erskine’s interference penalty which led to Heatley’s goal didn’t help either. Hard to win when you can’t establish a good forecheck.

– The Sharks are playing a lot more conservative this year compared to the past years I’ve seen them. Strange with the offensive talent they have on the team. Hey, that sounds familiar doesn’t it? Either way, I enjoy watching them a lot. Probably my 2nd favorite West team behind the Preds. Always like it when the Caps play them.

– Powerplay was 1/1 tonight. Yay. However, they also gave up a shorthanded goal on the same powerplay they scored on. ARGH!

– Remember when Jason Chimera was playing on the top line? Yeah, I don’t know why we thought that was a good idea either.

– Tyler Sloan skated 16 minutes tonight and didn’t have a goal scored on him. I’m just as surprised as you are.

– I think Craig Laughlin was half asleep while broadcasting this game. Sounds like someone can’t wait to get back to the East Coast. I’ve enjoyed these couple of late night games, personally but that’s easy to say when you’re a 20-year-old kid with some free time.

So the Caps managed to get one win and two points out of this Western road trip and will return back to the Eastern Conference on Sunday to take on the Sabres. With the trade deadline creeping closer, we could see a move coming very soon and I am definitely identifying the needs of this team faster. Unfortunately, I’m not George McPhee so I can’t do anything about it. Hopefully we can get back on the winning track against Buffalo and Pittsburgh these next few games.


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