Which team in the East is most likely to make the playoffs

While this logjam isn’t quite as big as the one in the West, but seeds 7-10 are somewhat close together so I wanted to look at which teams have the best chance to get in.

Team       SHOT% SH%    PDO       GF     GA
ATL          48.7    0.09    993       184    209
BUF          51.6    0.09    992       185    189
CAR         47.3    0.09    1005     189    199
NYR        50.6    0.09    1008      188    167
TOR         49.0    0.09    989         172    201

Both the shots and goal differentials say that the Rangers definitely have the advantage to make the playoffs. They also have a better winning percentage in terms of  “clear victories” (14-11)  so that helps, too. The Sabres appear to be the next best team despite getting outscored slightly. Their shot rate is better than the rest of the pack. As for the rest of the teams, good luck to them. Toronto is getting absolutely hammered in goal differential and Atlanta has been slowly fading out of the playoff picture. The Canes are getting the best goaltending out of the bunch but they get outshot regularly which doesn’t bode well for their chances. Cam Ward is going to have to stand on his head for them to keep a playoff spot.

What about the Devils? Well, I think they put themselves in too big of a hole early in the season to sneak in and they’ve been winning a lot of games in OT or by one-goal, which doesn’t make me too confident in them. Stranger things have happened, though.


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