Hurricanes-Capitals recap

Seven wins in a row now for the Caps. That’s the longest they’ve had since the franchise-record 14-game win streak we had last season. This one wasn’t quite the best defensive effort as the Caps surrendered 40 shots to the Canes and had to rely on Braden Holtby to bail them out a lot. You could say that it was a breakaway goal and a quick whistle is what won that game for Washington but the team played well on the PK, shutting down all five of the Canes opportunities. Another close victory, but still two more points in the standings. We’ll definitely find out more about this Caps team in the next week or so since their next few matchups include games against Chicago, Philly, Detroit, Montreal and the rejuvenated Devils. If Ovechkin keeps playing at this pace, then we might make it out of that stretch better than I thought.


Some brutal corsi numbers for the team tonight but that’s what happens when you give up 40+ shots. Not quite the best coverage but they did step it up on the PK, at least.

– Braden F’n Holtby. I said that he didn’t do that much to earn his shutout on Wednesday but he sure as hell earned this win. 40 saves and a lot of big ones early on. He seems to get better with each game.

– Remember how I said Erik Cole was the third most dangerous forward on the Canes? Well, I foolishly overlooked Tuommo Ruutu who seemed to be dominating us tonight. It probably helped that he was playing on Eric Staal’s line but I noticed him create more chances than any other Canes forward. Cole had 7 shots on goal, for what it’s worth.

– What a great play by Matt Hendricks to block Bryan Allen’s shot to cause a breakaway and then jamming in the rebound.

– Lots of Bad Sasha tonight. Turnovers, bad penalties, only one shot on goal. Yep, let’s hope that’s just a one game thi-oh who am I kidding?

– Marcus Johansson deserves some credit for setting up Ovechkin’s goal with a great drop-off pass. He’s making the most of his time on the first line, for sure.

Let’s hope the defense tightens up a little bit for Sunday’s showdown with the Blackhawks because while Ruutu and Cole are good, I don’t think we’ll be as lucky against Patrick Sharp and Patrick Kane. Oh, and there’s that Toews guy, too…

1. Braden Holtby

2. Matt Hendricks

3. Tuommo Ruutu


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