Got a chance to see the Caps practice at Kettler today. I got there kind of late but it was definitely a really cool experience to see them practicing in person. I also got to meet Karl Alzner, John Carlson and Jay Beagle shortly but I didn’t talk to them too long because I didn’t want to bug them too much. I’m pretty sure I saw Tom Poti practicing but wearing a “no contact” jersey which could mean he might be back soon. I remember Boudreau saying that “it’s a low process” so we’ll see what happens.

I checked out the team store while I was there since I’ve heard that they have more stuff than you can find at Modell’s and online. That claim is definitely true. Player t-shirts from almost every notable player. Even guys like Bradley, Perreault and Hendricks had shirts there, which was pretty cool. I picked up an Alzner one. They also had jerseys from guys I didn’t expect them to (Hendricks, Fehr, Perreault) and there was even Jason Arnott jersey’s too. Tons of other Caps swag there and it’s not that long of a drive from where I live so I’ll definitely try to go there again in the not so distant future. It was really cool just to see the players practice and meet them briefly.

I’ll have a post about zone-starts coming up soon.


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