The Season Series

This is a basic overview of our season series against the Rangers. For the record, I used only even strength data for the shots and save percentage and used shots for the percentages on the powerplay and penalty kill. The strange thing is that while the Caps were thoroughly dominated in two of these games, they played better territorially than the Rangers. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the team playing from behind and forcing a lot of bad shots in on Lundqvist but it’s still kind of interesting. Also, notice how brutal Washington’s save percentages are in all but game 3. That has to change if we want to win this series. I know Varlamov was playing behind a beaten up roster on game 2, but letting in 5 goals on 15 shots at ES and 7 overall is inexcusable. Neuvirth was pretty bad in game 4, as well. The Caps powerplay has also only scored once against the Rangers while our penalty kill has been torched. Those are definitely going to come into play during the playoffs if we want to go anywhere. I know the team has a different make-up now compared to the last time we played NYR but this is still kind of scary to look at.


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