A letter to Canuck fans

Dear Vancouver faithful,

I know you guys are in a tough spot right now with being on the brink of elimination after leading the series 3-0. As a Caps fan, I was in a similar situation last year where we were ousted by the 8th seed Montreal Canadiens in the first round and became the laughing stock of the NHL. Now a year has past and we managed to beat our first round opponent and it seems that title might be passed down to you if you are once again defeated by the Blackhawks tomorrow. I can only imagine how nervous you are for the game. I couldn’t even go to class the day of game 7 last year I was so sick to my stomach.

This Blackhawks team is a bit different than the Habs squad from a year ago. They are coming off a Cup win and still have been a very good team this year. We tried to warn you of this but they were ousted away with comments like “we’re a better team than we were last year.” and “They are nothing without Byfuglien, Niemi and Ladd.” Are you a better team than Chicago? Absolutely. By a wide margin? Debatable.  It looked like you guys were right at first but I don’t know if it’s just that your boys decided to take the foot off the gas pedal or if you awoken a sleeping giant in the Hawks.

Regardless, it was more than just “bad luck” that brought your Nucks down for games 4 and 5 like it did for my team last year since they looked like hot garbage in both of those games. I’m beginning to think that your team has an on/off button and they didn’t even bother getting out of bed for those games. Game 6, however, was more bad luck. Moreso it seems that everything is going wrong for your team at the worst possible time and a complete meltdown is near. It doesn’t get any worse when your coach loses faith in a goalie who was a Veznia finalist and has to play him anyway due an awfully timed injury.

Anyway, you have one game at home left to avoid the embarrassment that we suffered last year but it will take an effort greater than the one you had in game 6. Whether it means that Vigneault will have to ride his first two lines with all his might again or actually spread things around this time. Who knows? The good news is that he’s not keeping them on ice for a whole minute at a time like a certain coach did last year.

All that’s left to say is best of luck to your boys tomorrow. I had them winning in 7 games and there’s still a chance for that to come true. However, as someone who had to deal with some of the members of your fanbase’s snarky comments after game 7 vs. Montreal last season, you wont be getting any sympathy from me if you do lose.




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