Capitals-Lightning Game 3 Mini-Recap

Sorry if it seems that I’ve been slacking this series but it’s getting close to the end of the semester for me and I’ve had a lot of work to do. I also have only been able to see one full game (which was game 2) of this series and I hate writing recaps if I haven’t seen the full-game but I finally caught the replay to last night’s game and as you probably expected, I’m not too happy.

This game reminded me of nearly every bad phase the Capitals have been through this season. There was the team who could score but failed to keep the puck out of their own net and then they became the team who could keep the opponent from scoring but not generate any offense themselves. It looked like things would turn in Washington’s favor after the second period when they were outshooting Tampa Bay 27-15 and leading 3-2 but then the third period happened and they surrendered two goals in 24 seconds and were outshot 15-5. Is this fatigue setting in or the players just giving up? Here’s what I noticed…


– People have been wanting Ovechkin to take it to that next level and he did just about everything in his power to win this game for the Caps. Unfortunately, he can’t win the games on his own and just about everyone else last night took the third period off aside from him and Michal Neuvirth. With a roster this deep, that shouldn’t happen.

– Regarding my last post, I know this means the “Fire Boudreau” wagon will be alive and well and as much as I would love to blame the coach, it’s the players who are failing him. They are completely abandoning the system from the latter part of the season. It’s up to Boudreau to make them more accountable of it, yes but the players deserve a lot of the blame if we do get swept. The NHL has been known for short longevity with coaches so we’ll see what happens.

– What in the hell was John Carlson doing skating right into Neuvirth on Ryan Malone’s goal? Also, where the hell was John Erskine on Sean Bergenheim’s goal? Why was Mike Green not playing for almost the entire third period? What has happened to Jeff Schulz? So many questions about what was a solid defense corps.

– Nicklas Backstrom; led the team in ice time and had zero shots and a few bad giveaways. Hence why his jersey is hanging in my closet right now. Sorry #19.

That’s all I really have to say right now. The worst part about this time of year is that every blogger and DC personality is a “hockey expert” all of the sudden and trying to dissect what is wrong with the team and I don’t want to burden you guys with that. Just hope the Caps can pull off the miracle here. Winning four games in a row? Psh, we won eight in a row during the season! This will be nothing! No? Just trying to inject some positivity.


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