“You’ve got baaaaad baaaaad luuuuck”

I have talked about “puck luck” many times on this blog and how it’s affected the Washington Capitals, specifically in the playoffs last year and earlier this season. They were on the good end of it for a lot of the second half of the season and for the first round against the Rangers but it definitely ran out against Tampa Bay as no bounces seemed to go the Capitals way. I’m not saying that’s what lost it for the Caps because Tampa Bay earned this sweep and had a perfect strategy to shut us down and it worked for the most part.  However, when looking back at what happened, I have to wonder if I had a role in any of this.

As some of my readers might know, I didn’t get to see any game in it’s entirety this series because I’ve been very busy and had other things preventing me from seeing the games. When I did get to watch the games, bad things happened to the Capitals, though which makes me wonder if I’m just unlucky and did something to jinx the team. Was it laughing at that Medieval styled picture of the team and reblogging it? Everyone said that leaking might jinx the team. Maybe it was me making a joke about it being Pirate season after the Pens were eliminated which ruined my karma? I have kept my mouth shut about the Penguins woes for the most part and letting one slip out made everything fall apart? Who knows? Let’s take a look at what happened:

Game 1

I went to the university’s sailing team’s practice at around 3 PM thinking I would be back in time for the opening face-off but practice ran until sundown, which was about an hour later. It was a fun time but I missed the first one and a half periods but I was glad to come back and see that it was 2-1 Caps. From what I saw of the replay, we were controlling that game for the most part. When I turned the game on, I watched an ineffective powerplay followed by Steve Downie’s goal which bounced off of Scott Hannan’s stick. After that was Chimera’s penalty and Steven Stamkos’ late powerplay goal. The Caps then struggled through the third period and Ovechkin making an awful pass which led to Dominic Moore’s empty net goal ended it.

Game 2

I was able to see the most of this game and we dominated the first period but ended up losing 1-0 thanks to another stupid penalty and a Tampa PPG. More frustration set in and I had to go to a meeting at about the time the 2nd period started. That was when the Caps took control of the game and eventually tied it. I get back when the third period started and then Martin St. Louis scored off Mike Green’s skate. Yes, we tied the game late and Tampa won in overtime so I guess bad luck doesn’t apply here. Just strange that we played our best hockey while I was out.

Game 3

Here’s where I got suspicious. I had a meeting/party to go to at 7 so I could see the first half hour of the game. In that half hour, I saw a Brooks Laich get hit with a puck and a powerplay goal which was disallowed. I turned the game off knowing that this wouldn’t be good and went to the party. When I came back, we were winning 3-2 at the start of the 3rd period. After that, Stamkos tied the game and then Malone added one on less than a minute later and the Caps eventually lost.

Game 4

I had a ceremony to attend (I won an award, by the way /siqbrag) so I figured that I would miss some of this game and I ended up not seeing all of the first period. The game is tied at 1-1 when I come back and then the Bolts score less than a minute later. The Caps went on to play their worst game of the playoffs and got swept.

Talk about weird coincidences. I feel like I’m putting too much thought into this but it’s still odd that I barely got to see any good things from the Caps in this series. It’s also frustrating that I haven’t been able to give my full two-cents on the series because I haven’t seen a full game yet but I feel like I’ve seen enough to form a few opinions on what exactly went wrong. I’ll dissect that later but it’s still a busy time for me so it might have to wait until the end of the school year. Again, I would like to congratulate the Lightning on a well-played series. I know most people will focus on how the Caps blew it but how well Tampa played has been overlooked. As for the rest of the Caps fans, let’s spend less time sulking and enjoy the rest of the playoffs.


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