Capitals Player Report Card: DJ King

DJ King

Stats: GP 16, 0 Goals, 2 Assists, 2 Points, -3, 30 PIM
Contract Info: $637,500 cap hit, signed through 2011-2012 season
Player Card

Scoring Chance Ranking: 29/29
Forwards: 19/19
Balanced Corsi Ranking: N/A

I was a little excited when I heard that the Caps acquired DJ King because for most of the 2009-10 season, the Caps lacked a true enforcer and a lot of tough guys from other teams had their way with some of the Caps top players then, mostly Mike Green. The only players on the roster who fought somewhat regularly were Matt Bradley and John Erskine and while both are tough players who are willing to take one for the team, they aren’t exactly what you would call “intimidating enforcers,” which is why acquiring someone like King was necessary. This was before the Caps signed Matt Hendricks, a player who could fight, kill penalties and contribute offensively, before the season started which made King’s presence kind of insignificant. As a result, he only played in 16 games this year.

King is the definition of an enforcer; plays less than 10 shifts a game, usually has about 5-7 minutes of ice time and knows that he’s paid to hit people, inflict pain and not much else. That’s about what the Caps got with him when he was active. Most of his spars were against other team’s enforcers and weren’t anything to write home about except maybe the fight with Trevor Gillies. As I mentioned earlier, the acquisition of Hendricks made King expandable because Boudreau is not the biggest fan of enforcers and Hendricks could do more than just fight. King was eventually waived mid-way through the season when it appeared that the team did not have much use for him and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen again soon. With Hendricks re-signed is there any use for King in the future? Since Matt Bradley is a free agent, it’s possible that the Caps may have some use for having an enforcer in the lineup but is it worth killing a roster space and over a half million in cap room?

No grade for King since grading him on 16 games isn’t fair. I will say that he sort of did his job as an enforcer in the games he was active but whether or not the Caps needed someone like him is the problem.


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