Capitals Player Report Card: Jason Chimera

Jason Chimera

Stats: 81 GP, 10 goals, 16 assists, 26 points, -10, 64 PIM
Contract Info: $1,875,000 cap hit, signed through 2011-12
Player Card

Scoring Chance Ranking: 24/29
Forwards: 15/19
Balanced Corsi Ranking: 22/29
Forwards: 14/19

If Jason Chimera had the slightest bit of hands or playmaking ability, just think of how better those numbers would look. This point gets constantly refuted, but if Chimera had the slightest bit of hands, then the Caps wouldn’t have got him for Chris Clark’s contract and Milan Jurcina. Chimera is what he is, a bottom-six player who can skate well, a solid checker and occasionally fights people, that’s about it. Which is why it surprises me that he spent time on the Capitals first line during portions this season. Conversely, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least a fourth of his points were from when he was playing on that line because to put it bluntly, Chimera stunk this season.

His two playoff goals were nice, but Chimera really, really didn’t meet my expectations this year. He had one of the worst scoring chance percentages among forwards, a bad corsi rating with a lot of offensive zone starts and was in the bottom half in goals per 60 minutes on the team. I bet most readers are thinking “What in the world were your expectations for him?” because you can clearly tell they were low if I was expecting more than that from a 3rd-line forward. For starters, I thought he would be more of a factor in the corsi/possession game. Chimera usually plays on the Caps “energy line” and he has the speed and physicality to get the puck moving in the right direction, and he couldn’t do that this year. I felt like he was a complete liability in his own zone and was overpowered by other team’s forwards and defensemen. This was also Chimera’s worst season production wise in three years.

The last link also shows that Chimera was playing with worse teammates than he has before, which could explain the drop-off. Last year, he mainly played with Eric Fehr and Brendan Morrison, a 20-goal scorer and a decent center. This year, he moved around a lot in the lineup. Aside from the first line, every line he played on was a drop-off compared to last season, especially when you consider how much of a disappointment Eric Fehr was. Chimera seemed to be trying to make the most of his teammates but couldn’t except when he played on the first line. He had a four game point streak in January and scored the game-winning goal against the Rangers when he was a passenger on that line. There isn’t much Chimera brings to the table offensively other than his skating abilities so maybe it’s time to set our expectations lower for him?

One other thing I expected from Chimera was for him to kill penalties, at least I thought that when we traded for him. He barely even played on the penalty kill this year. Basically, he was a disappointment all around but how much when thinking of what the expectations for him should have been? $1.85 mil per year seems like a lot for a bottom-sixer who doesn’t have much of an offensive upside. He gets a D+ on the year for me. Was considering a C+ because he wasn’t terrible on the first line when he got promoted there but he was invisible for a good portion of the season and I was definitely hoping for more than 10 goals in 81 games from him.




2 Responses to Capitals Player Report Card: Jason Chimera

  1. Ralph says:

    Chimera is a really good example of a player who may look good but on, say, Vancouver, wouldn’t even be in the NHL. I wouldn’t mind Chimera spending the year in Hershey, honestly, or if he’s traded for a low-round pick. We could use that extra cap room.

  2. I agree. It might be a good idea to trade him to a team who needs bottom-six talent but isn’t in cap trouble. Having trouble of thinking of some potential buyers off the top of my head but trading him seems like a good idea to me.

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