Canucks-Bruins Game 6 Scoring Chances

In the playoffs, one questionable call, bad bounce or lucky break can change the dynamic of a game or the entire series. In this year’s Stanley Cup final, we’ve seen a ton of lucky breaks, bad bounces and bad goals to go around and it’s resulted in neither team losing  a game at home and thus, we have a game seven only a couple days from now. Tonight we saw the Bruins roll Vancouver at home again and this was coming on one of their strongest offensive showings of the series, even more than the 8-1 shellacking last week. Things could have easily been different if Roberto Luongo had hugged the post like he’s supposed to and not allow a bad angle shot from Brad Marchand to sneak in because after that goal, it was all Boston for the next eight minutes or so and they took a 4-0 lead out of it. A four goal lead is insurmountable when you are up against Tim Thomas and the way he is playing now. I see no reason why he shouldn’t win the Conn Smythe.  A good thing for Vancouver fans (and those hoping for good hockey) is that the Canucks showed some life in the third period so I expect them to come out strong at home and for us to be treated to a fantastic game 7 for the Stanley Cup. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The Bruins came out very strong and it was all energized by that goal from Marchand which, Luongo really should have stopped. Handing Boston two powerplays after that wasn’t such a good idea either and both of those goals were very soft, as well. Vancouver managed to get a lot more momentum later in the game but it was too little too late. The good news is that they still have a game at Rogers center left. This could have been another 7-8 goal game for Vancouver had it not been for Cory Schneider who did very well in relief duty. Still wouldn’t expect to see him start game 7, though. It does give the Canucks some options on what they could do with him this off-season though because this kid is way too good to be a back-up.

Boston Scoring Chances by Player:

Best ES Forward: Tyler Seguin +4
Worst ES Forward: Patrice Bergeron -1

Best ES Defenseman: Zdeno Chara +3
Worst ES Defenseman: Adam McQuaid -1

Krejci was on fire last night, especially on the powerplay. Also note how every forward but Patrice Bergeron had a positive rating. I have to think that he is playing hurt right now because he hasn’t looked like himself all series. Strong game from just about every line from Boston otherwise, though but they di give up a good amount of chances in garbage time. Chara being the best defenseman on the team is very good news and Boychuk-Ference are positive again thanks to Julien having the last change.

Vancouver Chances by Player

Best ES Forward: Alex Burrows +6
Worst ES Forward: Jannik Hansen -5

Best ES Defenseman: Christian Ehrhoff +6
Worst ES Defenseman: Alex Edler -3

Vingeault couldn’t seem to find a solid replacement for Raymond on the second line after he was knocked out of the game and considering that his rumored injury is a ruptured scrotum, I think he’s going to have a bigger problem filling that line for game 7. Hansen struggled pretty badly with more ice-time and Oreskovich didn’t quite work out there either. Maybe give Raffi Torres a shot? He did well when matched up with the right players in games 1, 2 and 5. That first line is finally clicking, though which should relax a lot of Vancouver fans. Kesler is definitely playing hurt because he needs to be a lot better than this. Bieksa and Ehrhoff were both very good tonight and Bieksa did it with a huge workload. Hopefully for the Canucks sake he isn’t gassed for game 7.


No player won all of their matchups but you can see that McQuaid’s getting abused quite a bit and so is Kesler’s line when he is up against Chara and Boston’s first line.


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