Capitals Player Report Card: Marco Sturm

Marco Sturm

Stats: 18 GP, 1 goal, 6 assists, 7 points, EVEN, 6 PIM
Contract Info: $3.5 cap hit, pending UFA
Player Card

Scoring Chance Percentage Ranking: 6/29
Forwards: 5/19
Balanced Corsi Ranking: 12/29
Forwards: 8/19

When the Washington Capitals claimed Marco Sturm off waivers back in late February, it looked like a pretty solid (if not a little confusing) move at the time. The team was having trouble scoring and was missing Eric Fehr at the time. Sturm is a former 20-goal scorer and has playoff experience so anytime you can get a player like that for no cost at all is a good move in my book,. However, Sturm was less than a year removed from knee surgery and the fact that he couldn’t make the Kings roster wasn’t promising. 18 games and only one goal and seven assists later, Caps fans saw why the Kings put him on waivers. Sturm wasn’t exactly the guy we needed to round off our top-six but he wasn’t completely useless like some fans are saying.

Sturm spent most of his time in Washington bouncing back and forth between the second and third lines and could never really solidify his place on the team. Despite that, he kept receiving playing time and if anything, he was good at creating momentum and getting the puck deep into the opponent’s zone. Sturm’s getting up there in age but Caps fans definitely saw that he has a lot of speed still left in him. He had very solid corsi numbers this year and was good defensively as he was only on ice for 1.55 goals per 60 minutes. Sturm also had a very high scoring chance percentage of 56.44% which is very good even with a somewhat small sample size. The problem is that he could never finish any of those chances.

One of his first shifts in a Washington Capitals uniform was against the Islanders where he had a breakaway chance but he couldn’t put it home. That shift/chance sums up Sturm’s time in Washington very well. He didn’t look bad by the eyes and seemed to be generating chances but he could never make that big of an impact and he could never seem to turn those chances into goals. His only regular season goal was a slam-dunk rebound that I think almost anyone on this team could score and his goal in the playoffs came too late. Was he a better option for the second line than someone like Eric Fehr? Maybe. Fehr didn’t have a good season but he seemed to be able to finish his chances more than Sturm did.

I had little to none expectations for Sturm when Washington claimed him because well, you can only expect so much from someone who you picked up for basically nothing. I was expecting a little more than just one goal from him considering that he kept receiving top-6 minutes on a lot of nights. He gets a C on the year from me. Probably a little too nice but like I mentioned earlier, we didn’t give up anything to get him so my expectations weren’t high. I’m not sure if I would want him on the team next year because I’m not sure where he’d fit in the lineup but bringing him back is an interesting proposition. It will be at a much lower cap hit than $3.5 mil if it does happen, though.


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