Goalie Analysis: Semyon Varlamov

I had already begun compiling data for this before he was traded so I figured I should just go through with it to get a better view on how Varlamov’s season went. It could also give some insight on some of the things that Varly was able to do when he was healthy as well as give Avs fans some insight on their new goalie. In other words, I did all the work already and want to do this so let’s roll along. I will have one for Tomas Vokoun next, though.

When the Caps coaching staff had to make a decision on which goalie to start for the playoffs, there were many fans divided on who they wanted to see in net. In one corner, there was Michal Neuvirth, who I looked at a few days ago, and he showed that he can be the goalie that can make all of the saves you need to but he hasn’t shown that he can be a top-tier goalie just yet. However, he had started most of the year and did a solid job at it so the job remained his. Then there’s the guy who sat out over 60% of the year but had a better save percentage and playoff experience in previous years. There were a strong group of people who wanted Varly to get the start at game 1 (or at some point) in the playoffs and when looking at his performance this year, you can see why. It really makes you wonder what his season could have been like had he been healthy for an entire year.

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Corey Crawford signs new contract

The Chicago Blackhawks recently signed rookie goaltender Corey Crawford to a 3-year contract extension worth $8 million, equaling a cap hit of about $2.6 million. This news has Washington Capitals fans worried about what kind of contract Semyon Varlamov will receive this summer, or if he will get one at all. Crawford and Varlamov are both rookie goalies at the end of their entry-level contracts and have plenty of NHL experience.  The majority of people (including me) believe that Varly will probably not receive more than the $1.25 mil per season that Michal Neuvirth will make the next couple of seasons. However, there are others who see him making a lot more than that because he’s a former first round pick and a higher ceiling than Neuvirth, which is why Crawford getting $8 mil over 3 seasons worries Caps fans. Let’s dig a little deeper to show why people shouldn’t worry so much.

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